Prompt Performance Review Phrases Examples

Prompt Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John will always go out of his way to help others without prompting.
He's prompt, thorough and if there is something he doesn't know he will tell you so right off.
John goes above and beyond without fail and without having to be prompted.
He is always available when you need him & prompt with requests.
John is very prompt and will always get you the right answer.
He is very detail oriented, prompt with his replies and he follows up when he says he will without any prompting.
He has always been very prompt and professional, he always seems to zero in on what you need and deliver.
John is always so prompt and made himself available for any questions throughout the process.
John is very prompt when responding to us and provided us with more than what was expected.
He is prompt, knowledgeable, and was always above and beyond come up with the right solutions.
He is almost always available to chat and was prompt on getting back to him when he wasn't.
He is prompt, thorough and always willing to do what was necessary to complete the project.
He is willing to help in any way he can, and is always prompt in responding to messages.
John is always prompt with him feedback and always followed through with his candidates.
He's always prompt, always follows through on his commitments, and often over delivers.
He is also very prompt with following up with him during and after the resume creation.
He is prompt getting back to you when you are in need of something or have a question.
He is very prompt in getting to our requests and is always available when we need him.
John did what needed to be done without prompting from him, and he did it very well.
John is prompt, professional and followed through on each one of our interactions.
He is always prompt and thorough in responding to any of his questions/concerns.
He can be counted on to make things happen and without the need to be prompted.
He is also very well organized and always prompt in getting the right documents.
Throughout the process, he made himself available and provided prompt feedback.
He also knows exactly when to prompt and how to engage in just the right way.
He is very prompt and always goes out of his way to make his clients happy.
He is very prompt, hardworking and knows how to keep everyone is the loop.
He is always prompt with his appointments and followed up where required.
He is prompt and willing to help, even when he is busy with other projects.
He did not need to be told to get things done, or required any prompting.
John is always personable, prompt, and followed through on assignments.
He is always prompt and accommodating at everything we have done together.
John is always willing to help and provided prompt input and solutions.
He is very organised and prompt and provided him with many useful tips.
He does not disappoint you and is always prompt and very fairly priced.
He is always prompt, proactive and available to help get things done.
He has always been prompt and courteous regarding our correspondence.
He is very prompt and thorough and became someone you could rely on.
When it comes to organization and promptness, he was second to none.
He is very prompt and thorough with the coaching that he provided.
He has been trustworthy and prompt in doing what we have been doing.
John is very well prepared and he was ready to go when prompted.
That, however, is not what prompted him to write this recommendation.
He is always available to respond to questions and was very prompt.
It goes without saying he is engaged and prompts to new challenges.
He is prompt and always does the right follow up on the right our company.
Details were never overlooked and his follow up was always prompt.
John has been prompt and really seems to be an expert in his field.
Him correspondences have always been very prompt and professional.
John always has his business well managed and was very prompt.
John is never too busy to help and him promptness is exceptional.
He is always prompt to help our group with any and all inquiries.
Anything asked of him would get done with quality and promptness.
We can always rely on him to be thorough, prompt and competitive.
John is always thorough and prompt in completing all engagements.
He is always prompt and the information he provided was accurate.
He is prompt in getting back to him and was an excellent source.
He is also very prompt in his dealings and always keeps promises.
John is thorough, prompt, and pleasant - even under pressure.
He is prompt in responding and very thorough with his feedback.