Property Claims Adjuster Performance Review Phrases Examples

Property Claims Adjuster Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He understands that it's not how often you get adjusted, but rather how long you hold your adjustment.
We took his advice very seriously and made the necessary adjustments.
He always followed up and made sure the adjustments were accurate.
John went way above and beyond to make adjustments on the fly.
He spends many nights and weekends showing properties until he got us the right property.
He knows exactly where he is with everything he's doing and he knows what to do to get things done, whilst adjusting his style accordingly.
If you are asking for the impossible, he will tell you so and help adjust your expectations.
John was available when we had questions and when any adjustments need to be made.
John is willing to be critiqued and always adjusted if it was necessary.
John is very approachable and adjusts to changes very quickly.
He is also adjusting the compliance to the needs of the countries.
And he was available on weekends when things needed adjustment.
John was always willing, and very prompt, with any necessary writing adjustments.
They were very different and he adjusted to become excellent all the time.
When things get tough, he knows how to adjust and keep me motivated.
He took my input and commentary with stride and made adjustments as needed-not that there were many adjustments to be made.
If not, then he always makes the necessary adjustments to get the job done.
He is thorough in his review of properties, and asks all the right questions.
He doesn't just go up and down and adjust your whole spine to hopefully hit the right spot.
Resilient, in other words, capable of adjusting himself to the new environment/situation.
Always approachable, he was very flexible if we needed to make changes and adjustments.
He would come in and rapidly adjust himself to whatever needed to be accomplished.
He ensured that the new procedures were followed and made adjustments as needed.
John reacts quickly, makes necessary adjustments and does it with class.
He is also always open to feedback and makes adjustments when necessary.
He knows how to adapt and adjust to different situations and scenarios.
Him the ability to self-adjust to my needs is innate and quite welcome.
He follows up and adjusts his recommendations as their needs change.
In a nutshell, he will adjust himself, according to the situation.
He also has the ability to adjust to new technologies and approaches.
He has the capability to adjust and be flexible when necessary.
He never stops re-inventing and adjusting himself for the better.
I adjusted quite quickly thanks to him encouragement and trust.
He understands the ecosystem, and adjusts to the environment.