Property Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Property Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John has been invaluable to us over the last few years, as a property manager, he has looked after our properties.
John is passionate about what he does and especially in the context of all things property and management.
It's very reassuring to know that we can call on him to help us to manage the property.
He now manages multiple properties, and is on his way to doing the same there.
His advice was also very useful in respect of our property management.
And, if this wasn't enough, he knows property management to a tee.
John provided leadership to the properties that he managed for our company.
If you want to know anything about becoming a good property manager then you should call him today.
Strong vendors make property managers look good, and he makes us look good.
John's enjoys property management as has proven to be very knowledgeable
John managed an outstanding property under difficult circumstances.
He ably managed the properties honestly and without incident.
John, and especially if there is something special about your property.
Because our company is the owner of many of our properties in our portfolio, but also has responsibility for some fee managed properties, our needs may change on a property by property basis.
Please consider him first when looking for property in him area.
John did an excellent job of managing his property until it was sold.
John is a tireless advocate for the properties which he manages.
John runs the property management company that oversees the maintenance of our property.
He worked diligently to make sure that the property was set up with the perfect property manager and has followed up with the management company for us, since we live out of state.
John manages all his own properties and he is accessible, responsive and good humoured.
John did not have to do that, but he went the extra mile to find him a property manager.
He is able to handle everything thrown at him from the multiple properties we manage.
He will accommodate your needs weather is buying, renting or managing your property.
His company managed some of the most complicated types of properties that exist.
John's ability to manage and protect intellectual property is extraordinary.
He always manages to find the balance between the clients' needs and the needs of his property.
Our company Realty also currently manages one of our rental properties and he really looks after his clients.
If you want to sell your property, then he is the one to call.
He understood the needs of our property, but also managed the needs of his organization very well.
Ask him to look after your property sale or investment property management.
It could have been tricky as the old property manager had allowed his investment property to fall into arrears.
John buys property, manages properties, and mentors individuals new to the business.
The increased rankings at all properties he manages speaks to his abilities.
His experience range of local property to regional management.
John articulately managed multiple vendors, employees, contractors, realtors and property managers.
We learned more and more as he showed us different properties.
He managed beachfront resorts to properties off the beach and they were always very successful under his leadership.
This has been his very first position as a property manager and he has guided him through each step of the way.
He also managed the renovation of the property so that we would have a good rate of return.
Being a gamer allows him the insight that it takes to be a good manager of any property.
In no time he had a really lovely website and many very nice properties to manage.
We find his approach to property management fair to both landlord and tenant
He designed the player experience for renting property, building property, and managing your property.
Under his management, the customer satisfaction rate was very high at our property.
As a property manager, he & his company have made him look very good to his client.
We would recommend him to anyone, and will definitely use him again in our future property transactions.
John goes out of his way to find the best comps for the properties he is appraising.
Definitely recommend him for any kind of property transaction.
John does an excellent job getting properties leased and then managing the properties after tenants are in.
The most recent example of his abilities is the transition of the hotel on property to our franchise management.
Hilditch within one of his properties /personal unit/ and whole property.
John and his team are extremely valuable to property management companies.
He also recommended a property to us, that was managed by another agent.
John is a property manager who takes care of your investment property as if it were his own.
He has also managed to turn around the hotel he is currently at, highly improving profitability of the property.
We have been managing his properties for several years and have found him to be very easy to work with.