Proposal Coordinator Performance Review Phrases Examples

Proposal Coordinator Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He makes sure the right candidate is proposed for that role rather than just proposing anyone available.
John recently excelled by coordinating a major proposal effort.
He is the one who knows exactly what to do and moreover, he always proposes the best way to do this.
He has always offered to help and follows through on what he proposes.
He always understood what our priorities were and what we were looking for in any proposals.
The recommendations and new proposals that he has done have been very value adding.
Discussions and proposals from him were always well worded and clearly understood.
Those are the reasons because he is used to achieve what he get what is proposed.
John often challenged our proposals and made us think outside the box.
He is very articulate and thorough in the formation of his proposals.
Open to new ideas: doing his best to propose something different.
He follows through on his proposals and ensures things get done.
Very often, he came up with interesting and original proposals.
He will never say something isn't possible, he'll always propose alternative solutions.
He always came to me with all the facts and proposed solutions.
He has the ability to see and elucidate the ramifications of proposed actions, while proposing alternatives.
I have come to believe that whatever the proposal or suggestions he gives have always been honest and accurate.
John is one such - he gets to the root of it all very quickly and then proposes the right way forward.
He is proactive and often came up with new ideas and proposals on how to do things.
He knows how to progress his proposals to the various interlocutors of the company.
He is very approachable and is always willing to discuss any idea one proposes.
When using some of his proposed concepts, we could already open some new doors.
He handled everything from the proposal all the way to the finished site.
He is always positive in his proposals and nothing is impossible to him.
John was understanding of this and sent me a proposal right away.
He was also flexible in proposing new platforms for consideration.
Tasks, he proposed me, was interesting and advices were pertinent.
He can also think out of the box when proposed with a challenge.
More than once, he completed proposals well before the due date.
He sees and proposes ideas that one would not normally connect.
He coordinates the resources that are needed that result in winning proposals.