Proposal Writer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Proposal Writer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John has since done everything he said he would do with the proposal.
He makes sure the right candidate is proposed for that role rather than just proposing anyone available.
He is the one who knows exactly what to do and moreover, he always proposes the best way to do this.
He has always offered to help and follows through on what he proposes.
We could not have made this proposal as well without him dedication.
He is always the first one to propose him help to colleagues.
Our company that, John is also a strong and successful proposal writer.
He hasn't just made his book better, but he has forever made him a better writer.
He worked specifically with our proposal writers and provided excellent suggestions on how to take our proposals to the next level.
We need more writers and people like him as many are suffering.
John's also a working writer, so he knows the many issues facing the writer.
He never pushed back, but on the contrary came forward many times with proposals how to even better enhance the proposal.
He's been there, done that and is very much keeping pace with everything going on out there to see through your proposal.
He also respects decisions that have been made, even if they are different than his proposals.
He always understood what our priorities were and what we were looking for in any proposals.
You have to first convince him about the proposal before he will do anything for you.
The recommendations and new proposals that he has done have been very value adding.
Discussions and proposals from him were always well worded and clearly understood.
Those are the reasons because he is used to achieve what he get what is proposed.
The way in which he proposes changes is also comprehensive and considered.
He is always trying to analyze impacts of the changes that he is proposing.
John often challenged our proposals and made us think outside the box.
His trait has been always to clearly see the results of the proposals.
He'll tell you if the pathway you propose isn't the most profitable.
Although he is demanding, he was always willing to listen proposals.
It was thanks to his dedication that the proposal was successful.
He follows through on his proposals and ensures things get done.
He's very clever and his proposals are always ahead of our time.
John, was also voluntary in new initiatives that we proposed.
John is a strong writer who delivers solid proposals on time.
He wanted the best for him writers, him photographers, and himself.
He appreciates his writers' strengths, and he knows the audience.
John knows good writing, and just as crucially, he knows how helping others become better writers.
At least half of the contributors / writers are like him, that is, not journalists by trade.
John is one of the very best writers we have ever worked with.
He respects the views of others, at the same time proposing a reasonable proposal.
Him best practices turn ordinary proposals into winning proposals.
John is one such - he gets to the root of it all very quickly and then proposes the right way forward.
He really took feedback that we had on his proposals and molded them to exactly what we desired.
He makes sure he thoroughly understands your needs before coming back to you with a proposal.
He delivered everything that he proposed himself to do while inspiring everyone around him.
If you have some idea or want to propose him collaboration, go ahead, don't think it twice.
He would then propose suggestions/approaches which would not have occurred to him otherwise.
Evidently, in the thorough feedback he would provide, on any proposals and brief responses.
His enthusiasm was infectious and you couldn't help but get excited about his proposals.
He always proposed new and better ways to do things, and would come up with great ideas.
He thinks about what we are trying to achieve and comes up with sensible proposals.
He knows how to progress his proposals to the various interlocutors of the company.
John came up with scenarios and proposals on how one can mitigate these attacks.
He is always accommodating when he can be and offers up proposals when he can't.
Hearing you echo his own thoughts has encouraged him to get on with some proposals.
He will listen to your issue, summarized it for you and come up with a proposal
When using some of his proposed concepts, we could already open some new doors.
Thankfully, his ex accepted the proposal and we settled without further issues.
He hasn't only proposed candidates to him, but, he tried to qualify them for him.
At first he oriented; think about that and made a proposal of an action plan
We have followed his proposal and now have a partnership with this company.
Without his contribution, the proposal effort may not have been successful.
He also helped make his proposal go smoothly, which will never be forgotten.
He handled everything from the proposal all the way to the finished site.
He always goes the extra mile to provide the best value in his proposals.
He came up with good ideas and promptly followed thru with his proposal.
His ideas & proposals had been very appreciated by all the organizations
He is objective and clear about his proposal and what he had to offer.
He sees things from end-to-end, and evaluates proposals from all sides.
Without a brief, he was proactive in approaching us with the proposal.
He proposed examples to see whether he really understood the concepts.
John's proposals are thorough, well-written, and easy to understand.
John took on all tasks that was proposed and completed it flawlessly.
What he proposed up front was exactly what was ultimately delivered.
He's not afraid to listen to proposals that are out of the ordinary.
He did not over promise but delivered what was proposed and on time.
His proposal was by far the most comprehensive and well thought out.
That was especially helpful to him when putting together a proposal.
Thiago is very dedicated and determined in all he proposes to do.
He usually comes back with great added-value proposals and extras.
He's efficient in multitasking several proposals at the same time.
Tasks, he proposed him, was interesting and advices were pertinent.
He can also think out of the box when proposed with a challenge.
More than once, he completed proposals well before the due date.
He sees and proposes ideas that one would not normally connect.
Changes proposed were thoroughly challenged (as they should be).
He allows his ideas and proposals to stand on their own merits.
More importantly, he helped add value to the overall proposal.
And, he willingly talked about the proposed changes with him.
He is clear with honesty about proposals and follows through.
He brought out the best in him and many other writers and editors.