Proud Performance Review Phrases Examples

Proud Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

People do well under him because they want to make him proud.
John certainly found his niche and he should be proud of what he is doing because we are proud of him.
John has done very well for himself and we are all proud of his achievements.
So proud of him and looking forward to seeing what he gets up to next.
He is someone that anyone would be proud to have at their company.
The best thing about him is, he is not proud of what he posses.
Switzerland should be proud of having him as one of its native.
We are very proud of him and of what he has already achieved.
Despite being very proud of himself and his our company he would come forward and ask for help when needed.
Wishing you the very best in all your ventures and proud to be associated with you in his venture.
His our company is something that he is very proud of and working with him you are proud of it too.
John also follows him our company through to the end to make sure he can be proud of him our company.
He kept all of us in a great position with which we are proud and wish we make him proud.
John has been one of those few people who would make you proud to be associated with.
It has been his goal since that day, and probably always will be, to make him proud.
He kept everyone going and took the project to something we all could be proud of.
John organization who wants things done the right way should be proud to have him.
He really came through for us and made our company that we could certainly be proud of.
John has been one of our best contributors and we're proud to have him with us.
He knows what he wants and always strives to achieve something he can be proud.
John in his approach in all things and always proud of what he has achieved.
When things are not understood he is not too proud to ask for clarification.
John is one of the people that you will only be proud to have in your team.
When working for him you're inspired to do your very best and make him proud.
He will make any and all of this superiors proud to have him on their team.
He has placed three people with us that we have been very proud to have.
Once again, he made him proud to be associated with such a professional.
John's style motivated him and made him want to do well to make him proud.
John makes him proud to be a lawyer, and even more proud to be his friend.
His motivation makes all of us to be proud to be in the same company.
His personality is one that just makes you proud to be his colleague.
We are very proud of his achievements - and that he is our graduate.
When he's involved, it will be first class and we will all be proud.
John will make you proud to have him in your circle of connections.
Where ever he will go organisation will be proud of such employee.
He wants to be proud of his work, and he has every right to be.
He is an example of how to be proud of your success and failures.
John should be proud of his accomplishments, for there are many.
John makes your team and yourself proud of what you are doing.
Now everyone can see why we're proud to come to our company every day.
Absolutely proud of him and his achievements against many odds.
He knows his craft well, but isn't too proud to keep learning.
John can be very proud of his contribution during his tenure.
We couldn't have been more impressed and proud of him our company.
We are always proud of the our company, we do for him and with him.
He is someone you want to our company hard forward and make proud.
We had not used our company in the past, and he did the company proud.