Public Affairs Specialist Performance Review Phrases Examples

Public Affairs Specialist Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Talk with him to see what he can do to help you with your publicity needs.
He will definitely help you with publicity and getting noticed.
I was well aware of the needs he had in addressing both legislative and public affairs.
He also knows the genre of most publications and is able to tailor any story for the publication's consumption.
John's ethics are above reproach and he takes his public responsibilities to the public seriously.
I would not put anything into public without him looking at it first.
I am very, very pleased with what he did for me at my public concert.
I would strongly recommend him to anyone looking to get publicity.
Perhaps most importantly, he knows my publication and its needs.
John has a keen understanding of public affairs and how to achieve an organization's goals through public affairs that is difficult to find.
I am very happy to recommend him as a senior public affairs specialist.
Without him the publication would definitely have been inferior to what it turned out to be.
His praise was always very specific, very complimentary and sometimes, very public.
He always spoke his mind and fought for the best thing to do for the publication.
He is very passionate about what he does and is an exceptional public speaker.
He's always been up to date and provides us with an award winning publication.
He is very quick to turn around and prolific with him publicly.
With his contribution and advice, that helps me with publications.
He understands what the public wants and knows how to tackle them.
He was also exceptional at requirement gathering and publication.
John has been a solid contributor to several of my publications.
In later years he's been the face of our company to the public.
When an opportunity opened up to hire him in public affairs after his graduation, we didn't think twice.
Unlike many other students, he had a keen interest in public affairs.
He bridged the world of public education and public legislation.
His guidance and his vision are always very apparent in all of his publications.
I have used the photos he shot of me for all of my publicity needs.
John is an articulate, insightful and accomplished public affairs practitioner.
John has a comprehensive knowledge of public affairs is without parallel.
He has done it all - strategy, crisis, public speaking, media, public affairs.
I have since got to know him well and the first impression has been confirmed and deepened, in one-to-one conversations as well as in public.
We've had much success using him as he is really good at understanding what we need and how to best get that across to our intended public's.
As an effective public speaker, he allows others to think outside of the box to better themselves and the institution.
John was one of references that we relied on when my company was about to go public last year.
He impressed me most with his ability to adapt the course to the needs of his current public.
John strives toward excellence in all that he does, whether it is in the public eye or not.
He's one of the best public speakers/presenters out there, and makes killer waffles to boot.
John is an inspirational public speaker who is very passionate about seeing others succeed.
John is simply one of the best public speakers you'll have the privilege of seeing.
John was very helpful when we inquired about placing an advert in his publications.
He was able to get dozens of my articles placed in various publications worldwide.
His contributions to my publication have been highly valuable to all of my readers.
He not only revived it, but he elevated it to an outstanding monthly publication.
He is as obviously comfortable in the boardroom and as he is as a public speaker.
I am so proud and fortunate to have him photography displayed in my publication.
This was always evidenced in their many public comments of appreciation for him.
I would endorse any of his future efforts either publically or professionally.
No one else is even close to him class in public speaking/motivational talks.
He did excellent and we put out one of the finest publications of its kind.
He is warm and encouraging, even when you haven't sung in public for years.
He is an exceptional public speaker and is just as effective one on one.
I wish him huge success for his publication and all his future ventures.
He was totally into the spirit we wanted to bring over to our public.
He is an accomplished business person, entrepreneur and public speaker.
He's truly an expert on this subject and an excellent public speaker.
He is also a very good public speaker and is always willing to help.
John is an extremely articulate and thoughtful public speaker.
John is truly an amazing, inspirational man and public speaker.
He is also an excellent, compelling and prolific public speaker.
He's also an accomplished public speaker and an all-round good guy.