Public Relations Assistant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Public Relations Assistant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is someone who cares much more about the public than public relations, right guy; right time.
John is the best of the best when it comes to public relations professionals.
We would highly recommend him to anyone in need of public relations and marketing assistance.
He also assisted my firm with efficiency, public relations, media relations, and networking.
He often assisted with another release related responsibilities.
John always seems to be on the hunt looking for new avenues in promotion and public relations.
He has been an invaluable asset to my public relations efforts.
He is always willing to assist with scenarios, and policy related questions.
I recommend him to anyone looking for advice and assistance with government-related issues.
John brings two perspectives to public relations, each powerful in its own right.
John was our public relations department, starting it from the ground up to follow him hiring.
Whether it be strategic, communications, public relations, he has the expertise to assist you.
He has assisted me in a number of my public speaking ventures.
These traits make him firm a successful public relations endeavor.
If you needed assistance with something job related, he'd be there to help or find someone who can.
John organization would be fortunate to count him on their public affairs/ public relations team.
He is an expert that provided me an example during my transition from military public affairs to corporate public relations.
John assisted me to resolve a workplace relations matter recently.
John is the symbol of professionalism in the public relations arena.
John is extremely gifted in public relations and hard working.
John has always stepped in to assist me with initiatives, even when it's not been something directly related to his solution area.
John is a great client relations and public relations executive.
I have worked on political campaigns where he was helping with public relations, and his assistance was critical.
John assisted me with numerous employee related questions and always tried to accommodate my needs.
He has got one of the best relations with his channel and networks and they look up to him for assistance.
His attitude is the best and related very well with everyone in his charge.
He has always been there to lend assistance in the distribution and publication of my book reviews.
He is eager to assist those in needs and provide and accept feedback related to his profession.
He has excellent intra-team relations and is always willing to assist others.
John showed an excellent understanding of our needs and assisted us solving different issues related to our websites.
John is a consummate public relations professional and follows through with what he says he'll do.
John is an exceptionally well-connected and very effective public relations professional.
John epitomizes the public relations professional in every sense of the word.
He's an inspiration to aspiring public relations professionals like myself.
He understands public relations on both practical and theoretical levels.
When he started in the business he already had the knack for public relations.
John is tenacious in finding public relations opportunities that work for your company.
I would recommend him for someone that is looking to build their brand with public relations.
He 'gets' what we do on the public relations side, making our job infinitely easier.
He is particularly strong in the areas of marketing and public relations.
John was always willing to offer his assistance and had excellent relations with our hotel members and his colleagues.
He truly enjoys his work and it shows; he has done wonders for public relations in our organization.
He worked for the public relations firm that was helping to organize the conference.
His ability to relate to and assist our interns was inspiring to the rest of us.