Public Relations Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Public Relations Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is an extremely capable and professional public relations manager.
Omniversum needs free publicity and he managed to get it all the time.
John is a wizard at managing the most complex political and public relations challenges.
He's an excellent multi-Tasker with a flair for management and public relations.
He's one of the most consistent managers in the public relations industry.
John also excels in management and at all things people-related.
More managers and public officials should take their cues from him, they would be well served.
He also has a mastery of crisis management and public relations communication.
He does not take no for an answer and challenge you as a manager to make the most out of the relation.
I have learnt many things, technically and related to management from him in the one year.
He creates discourse with everyone and manages to relate in one way or another.
He relates well to managers and is eager to help them problem-solve.
Always maintain relation with all his mates and higher management.
John was always the pro and managed investor relations expertly.
He manages his relations across the company layers with ease.
John has impressed as spokesman, organizer, public relations and referee.
His tenacity and drive in the public relations world gets results.
I highly recommend him for mapping out and managing public relations programs.
He relates equally as well with upper management as to anyone else in the organization.
He can do most anything related to revenue management - just ask.
He is an excellent public speaker and always manages to get the best out of people.
He can relate to all levels of management and is always looking for the next solution.
He had very good relations with his peers, managers as well as his subordinates.
John's ability to relate to and manage people is second to none.
He is very good at public relations, has high discipline and manages very well stressful situations.
Him out of the box ideas manage to land him publicity with whatever he touches.
His articles are proficiently written and he's a great publication manager.
That makes him a great manager and an exceptional public speaker.
His great strength lay in his manner of dealing with and relating to the public.
John brought energy and enthusiasm to all of his public relations responsibilities.
He relates well with his peers and interacts easily with management.
John is a thorough public relations professional as well as a dedicated and understanding manager.
He also managed the considerable task of transforming our public website.
He engaged brilliantly with the students who were either managers or aspiring managers from the public sector.
His passion for public relations and project management are two of his greatest capabilities.
He dealt with an area of our company that could be very esoteric and with "blue collar" managers that didn't always understand the value of public relations.
He is and will continue to be an asset to any company seeking a strong public relations manager.
John is a successful public relations manager who is a pleasure to work with.
Janak is excellent at managing relation with his clients and colleagues.
He is also extremely effective in conflict management related issues.
John is a proactive, hands on press/analyst relations manager.
John is an exemplary public relations strategist and manager of tactical implementation.
I have read some of his publications and found them very helpful in my own project/program management responsibilities.
He is an expert in creating and maintaining public images for his clients and managing their public appearances.
John is an excellent manager of difficult policy and public relations issues for a company.
At that time he has demonstrated an extensive knowledge of public relations and non-profit management.
John is an amazing manager, he is good at relating to his people and getting the best from them.
He can also relate to people with ease, which clearly shines through in his management style.
He has good relations with people and know how to manage stakeholder expectations.
He is able to relate to people on the ground as well as upper management.
Not only he managed to get the company in a normal shape and introduce western management style, he also managed the relations with the partners.
John is highly effective at managing press and getting publicity.
John was instrumental with our public relations, essentially bettering our company's profile.
John is the embodiment of a leader in the public relations arena.
He was also very good at managing vendor relations both locally and internationally.
Thanks to him, our expectations management and relations with stakeholders were always spot on, despite the sometimes tense atmosphere.
To put simplicity to this recommendation, this man is not just your manager, moreover, you can relate to him as a friend.
He successfully managed all recent changes of the huge ministry's site and all related links.
He has a great way of managing difficult situations and can relate well with most anyone.
John is a capable public relations manager who thoroughly understands travel journalists' needs.