Public Speaking Performance Review Phrases Examples

Public Speaking Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

Whether he is speaking to one, speaking to a few or speaking to many he will make an impact.

John is truly an expert in public speaking.

He had much difficulty when it came to public speaking.

John was one of the first to really encourage me in public speaking.

He speaks about what he actually does and actually does what he speaks about.

John knows everyone and everything there is to know about publicity.

He knows what to say and do to get you to succeed at public speaking.

John was also great at speaking publicly about public speaking.

He speaks in public for the public which is applauded by listeners.

Invite him to speak at any of your public speaking events and you will not be disappointed.

Among his many talents, is public speaking.

I've seen him speak publically, which was very informative and inspiring.

His public speaking gives an enormous motivation.

John has inspired and encouraged me through his public speaking.

John has clearly mastered the art of public speaking.

It is no wonder he is speaking all around the world.

So take it from me, speak to him, and you can be the judge.

John is an experienced coach in public speaking.

I have also had the opportunity to see him speak.

You know when he speaks, he is speaking truth and grace.

When you speak with John, you want to speak with him again.

His public speaking is also dynamic and inspiring.

Talk with him to see what he can do to help you with your publicity needs.

John walks the talk of public speaking.

His charisma in public speaking is something that should be applauded.

I look forward to seeing him speak again and again this year.

John takes all the fear out of public speaking.

He is also someone who listens more than he speaks.

I've always been most impressed with John's public speaking.

I hardly know where to begin when speaking about John.

When I need someone to help me with my public speaking, no other name comes to mind.

He also reviewed many of our publications.

I have also seen him speak at other times.

I am very much looking forward to seeing him speak again in the future.

He speaks with the language of everyone and makes everyone speak in the same language.

I look forward to having him come in and speak again.

John may be better known as the world champion of public speaking.

Hire him to speak and you won't be disappointed.

He will definitely help you with publicity and getting noticed.

Public speaking is certainly his calling.

John has an amazing way of coaching others in public speaking.

He does this through his speaking and writing.

When he speaks you can actually believe that nothing is impossible.

I'm available if anyone would like to speak with me.

His public speaking is persuasive and appealing.

I look forward to his next speaking engagement.

He truly has a gift for public speaking.

He knows when to speak, and he knows how to listen.

He is an expert in public speaking and in the training of public speakers.

I wish him many more years of public speaking and motivating.

His public speaking classes are indescribable.

John is excellent at networking and public speaking.

Yes, John is my best example when it comes down to public speaking.

John's an awesome expert in public speaking.

John knows exactly what needs to be done when it comes to public speaking.

Would highly recommend him for any and all things public speaking.

John taught me how to speak in public without shame.

John is an expert public speaking coach.

I wish him all the best in his speaking career.

His public speaking is always a pleasure.