Publisher Performance Review Phrases Examples

Publisher Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John knows the publishing industry very well from being an author, publisher and self publisher.
Thank you for all your help with his article and getting it published.
John is someone any publisher would want to have on their team.
John knows everything there is to know about book publishing.
He will tell it like it is and help you publish it if needed.
Whether you are his advertiser or his publisher, he'll be there whenever you need help and will look out for your best interests.
He will go out of his way to make sure publishers have exactly what they need to be profitable and successful.
He may not be the name on the publishing lips so to say, but he sure knows his stuff.
He is very hands on and does not like to publish anything unless it is best in class.
Mine is not done yet, but he will be instrumental in his first self publishing effort.
He knows where publishing has been and more importantly, he knows where it is going.
He is very detail oriented and makes sure everything is right before publishing.
Authors would do well to connect with him and read most of what he publishes.
In addition to publishing one paper with him, he has published two more papers.
We look forward to publishing his new piece and hopefully, more in the future.
If it wasn't for him belief in him, his book would never have been published.
John is one of the most knowledgeable and well liked people in publishing.
So much so, it's posted on both his own website as well as his publisher's.
Everything was complete except for the our company few steps before publishing.
John truly does know what it takes to become published and profitable.
There is nothing that he has not mastered in the field of publishing.
John has come up with ideas and processes that should be published.
He knows just how to get us published in publications of all types.
John published the tool and made it available to other teams.
Definitely would recommend him to more publishers in the future.
John has much more knowledge than just the self-publishing area.
He knows what he is doing with regard to publishing your book.
He always had our company for him publishers and we were no exception.
Looking forward to reading his book as soon as it is published.
He also understands publishing as well as anyone you'll find.
He is there every step of the way through the published our company.
And when it comes to publishing - this woman knows his stuff.
And then if you prefer, there is his recently published book.
Finally, he introduced him to several publishers for pitches.
If only he had the our company to represent each of our publishers.
His our company with him on self-publishing has been terrific.
It was then almost immediately seen and also published on our company.
John is one of the best, if not the best, online publishers in our company.