Publishing Industry Performance Review Phrases Examples

Publishing Industry Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John impresses me as someone who is very knowledgeable about the publishing industry.
Besides that he is flexible and truly knowledgeable about the publishing industry.
John keeps us abreast of the changes in the publishing industry as they occur.
He knew immediately how much it was going to do for the publishing industry.
John is one of the most sought-after leaders in the publishing industry.
He really knows and understands both the craft and publishing industries.
John was recommended to me by several people in the publishing industry.
John was also recently published in their national industry magazine.
The publishing industry is very demanding and stressful.
As an industry leader, he knows publishing inside out.
John is someone any publisher would want to have on their team.
John knows everything there is to know about book publishing.
I'm very happy to know him and to be his publisher.
John was an eager and inspiring example of what the publishing industry needs most at this time.
He has been at the heartbeat of the publishing industry for years and he gets it.
John has the expertise and knowledge in the publishing industry that no-one else has.
Confident, extremely knowledgeable of the workings of publishing industry.
His experience and expertise in the publishing industry is second to none.
I would highly recommend him for his knowledge of the publishing industry.
John has a thorough knowledge of every aspect of the publishing industry.
I always admired his direction and knowledge in the publishing industry.
He's also very helpful to publishers and to the industry as a whole.
We are friendly competitors in publishing for the craft industry.
John is a known and published forward thinking industry leader.
John understands all aspects of the book publishing industry.
John also has a great knowledge of the publishing industry.
While John's background was outside of publishing, he quickly embraced the publishing industry.
I highly recommend John to anyone getting into the self-publishing industry.
I had the pleasure of working with John in the publishing industry.
I have known John for a while in the publishing industry.
John is an exceptional force in the publishing industry.
I highly recommend John in the publishing industry.
Whether you are his advertiser or his publisher, he'll be there whenever you need help and will look out for your best interests.
He will go out of his way to make sure publishers have exactly what they need to be profitable and successful.
He may not be the name on the publishing lips so to say, but he sure knows his stuff.
Mine is not done yet, but he will be instrumental in my first self publishing effort.
Me and his publishers, have been much more successful because of his influence.
Authors would do well to connect with him and read most of what he publishes.
In addition to publishing one paper with me, he has published two more papers.
He knows exactly what to do to get your word out and your articles published.
Everything was complete except for the last few steps before publishing.
I also always look forward to the newsletter published by the institute.
John truly does know what it takes to become published and profitable.
If getting published is your goal, then you've come to the right place.
He makes sure that what he writes are correct before they are published.
John has come up with ideas and processes that should be published.
We look forward to publishing many more articles in his magazine.
I would not dream of going anywhere else for my publishing needs.
John published the tool and made it available to other teams.
I would not be surprised to see him published in the near future.
He knows what he is doing with regard to publishing your book.
Looking forward to reading his book as soon as it is published.
And when it comes to publishing - this man knows his stuff.
He also understands publishing as well as anyone you'll find.
John understands the complexities that come with publishing.
And then if you prefer, there is his recently published book.
John first introduction to him was through his published books.
I learned so much from him while publishing my first book.
Clients value his inputs and publishers his partnership.
Additionally, the material he publishes is very helpful.
He knows the publishing industry inside and out, but that's just where the story begins.
The publishing industry has lost one of our company with him move.
He would be an asset in any industry; once you grasp the complexities of the publishing industry, you are prepared for just about anything.
His years in the publishing industry have provided him with experience, and wisdom.
John is very well respected publisher our company guy in the industry.
He knows publishing from the inside out, and has created winning strategies for this industry's top publishers.
John's wisdom and know how in all things book and publishing has been a gift to him in navigating the publishing industry.
Thank you for all your help with his article and getting it published.
He will tell it like it is and help you publish it if needed.
He stays up to date with industry standards and is always proactive with his publishers.
As a recognized voice in the industry, his articles have been published and distributed to thousands of industry readers.
Don't go anywhere the publishing industry without his support, insight, and kindness.
John knows the publishing industry is it hard copy or e-book.
He knows where publishing has been and more importantly, he knows where it is going.
Finally, he introduced him to several publishers for pitches.
It was then almost immediately seen and also published on our company.
There have been times that him insight into the publishing industry have proven to be the key to getting things finished.
You will get a feel for this by seeing the published articles he has written across various industry magazines.
John's deep and extended background in publishing provided him with endless help as the industry was new to him.
He always keeps his eye on the big picture and has an innate understanding of the publishing industry.
He stayed on top of the trends and did not shy away from the evolution of the publishing industry.
John has an amazing grasp of the breadth and depth of monetization within the publishing industry.
The published version was greatly enhanced by his insight and experience in our industry.