Punctual Performance Review Phrases Examples

Punctual Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John does what he says he's going to do, he's very attentive and punctual.
John is very punctual, knows what he is doing and always very helpful.
John is also very punctual and follows through with what he promises.
John is always punctual and willing to do more than just his part.
He is always willing to help out when needed and always punctual.
He's always been on time, punctually and makes sure to do exactly what he says he's going to do.
He is always punctual, did what he said he would do, and was professional yet down to earth.
He always does exactly what he says he will do, he's very punctual and very detail oriented.
He is punctual, does what he says he will do and goes above and beyond the call of duty.
Constantly punctual, he's never let him down and the output has always been exceptional.
He is punctual and always willing to do his best in any situation to help when needed.
He is very punctual and always get back to you quickly when you have any questions.
He is punctual, goes above and beyond expectations, and always keeps to his word.
The best quality in him, which inspires everyone around him is his punctuality.
The first impression that came across was his punctuality and professionalism.
He is very punctual and spot on when it came to following up and delivering.
He is very punctual and he knows how to deal with different circumstances.
He has always been professional - thorough, comprehensive, and punctual.
John is punctual, professional and thorough beyond his expectations.
He is punctual, worked well with others and was thorough in him our company.
He is always punctual and very straightforward in all our dealings.
He is also punctual and does what he says - great characteristics.
John and his crew were punctual, thorough and very professional.
He is always punctual, professional and has been very knowledgeable.
He is very thorough and punctual when getting chapters back to him.
In each of our dealings he was thorough, punctual and professional.
He is always punctual and he presented himself professionally.
Meticulous in all his work, punctual and always follows through.
Reliable, punctual and clearly very experienced in our company.
He is there for each step of the process and was very punctual.
He's someone who's always punctual and someone you can count on.
He is personable, punctual and is also known for his integrity.
He is personable, thorough, and punctual, but never wasteful.
He is punctual and doesn't need to be told what has to be done.
He has been always very punctual and responsive to our request.
He gets everything first our company and is punctual in his delivery.
Always very punctual and expects the same from his colleagues.
Manages our company very well and is always punctual for his shifts.
Reports are punctual, and all our company is thoroughly documented.
He is an excellent value and very punctual with him our company.
As far as our company goes he is very professional and punctual.