Punctuality Performance Review Phrases Examples

Punctuality Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

I was never let down with your punctuality.
John is always punctual and follows-thru on his word.
John was very punctual and was very dependable.
He is very punctual and always follows through.
John is also very well organized and punctual.
John is always punctual and well presented.
He has also been punctual on him followup.
John was always punctual, yet easygoing.
He's also very punctual and trustworthy.
He is punctual and very well organized.
John is right to the point and punctual.
And that's not because he had less load, but that's because he is punctual and sincere.
He was punctual, thorough, and went above and beyond to get the job done.
John is very punctual and can always be relied on when he's required.
He is always punctual and will get you the best deal that he can get you.
John very punctual and dedicated in everything he undertook.
He is punctual, on time, and thorough in everything he does.
His presentation was always immaculate and he was punctual.
He is punctual and understands the needs of his clients.
John and his help were courteous and extremely punctual.
He was always well presented, organised and punctual.
He is always punctual, well organized and energized.
John is always punctual and generous with his time.
He is very punctual and can accommodate any request.
He is conscientious, punctual and very experienced.
John was very punctual, which is important to me.
John is very punctual, self-organised and friendly.
He is very punctual and loves to do things on time.
John is very punctual, dedicated, and passionate.
John is extremely punctual for all appointments.
Not only is he smart, but dedicated and punctual.
He was always punctual, yet flexible when needed.
Him pricing and punctuality were both fantastic.
His preparation and punctuality was first class.
John is punctual and very quality conscious.
He is trustworthy, dedicated and very punctual.
He is punctual and always exceeds expectations.
He is punctual and provides excellent service.
He was always punctual and helped out the team.
He's punctual and makes excellent use of time.
John is organized, punctual, and efficient.
He respects the value of time and punctuality.
He is very punctual and always neatly dressed.
He is very methodical, punctual and friendly.
Proactive, always punctual and honest leader.
He's punctual, thorough and detail oriented.
He is very trustworthy and always punctual.
He's creative, punctual and collaborative.
He is punctual and is always budget minded.
John was punctual, reliable and committed.
He is so clever, so quick and so punctual.
He was straight forward and very punctual.
John is punctual, and delivers his word.
He is very punctual and hardworking gentleman.
He is organized, methodical, and punctual.
He is intelligent, creative and punctual.
He's passionate and punctual on his job.
He is punctual, respectful, and thorough.
Very punctual and dedicated to his craft.
John is creative, punctual and reliable.