Purchasing Assistant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Purchasing Assistant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

This wasn't just something he did for me either, but anyone who would come to him for assistance.
He was very helpful in assisting me with the right purchase for my nephew's gift.
He was always willing to assist others when asked and also asked for assistance when necessary.
John was assisting everyone he could kindly in any required issue he could assist.
John is always asking if his assistance is needed on any issues he can assist in.
John was an assistant in the classes and provided me with great assistance and guidance.
John will always be someone who you could go to with a particular need and know you would be assisted.
He provided several introductions that would not have been made without his assistance.
John always tries to assist where possible, even when it is not his responsibility.
John has gone out of his way to assist us with our needs on more than one occasion.
Not only that he makes himself readily available when someone need his assistance.
He is a true problem solver and always willing to assist anybody whenever they need assistance.
John has always assisted others in every possible way to help them and to help the organization.
John was always first to volunteer when someone needed assistance, he readily stepped in to assist.
If you are looking for someone who will go above and beyond, and reach around to assist you in your needs, he will do it.
John not only goes above and beyond in his assistance, but he will always follow up when he says he will and then some.
He was always there when we needed assistance, but did not get in the way, just to look as though he was doing something.
He's assisted as we try to do it as amicably, reasonably and fairly as possible with my former employer/partners.
He is always willing to help where he can and is available to assist with items that need to be completed.
He always went out of his way to make certain we were assisted when there were issues we were experiencing.
Further, he is intuitive to the needs of those around him, he is helpful, and would welcome and assist.
He is more than willing to help and can bring you together with others if you need additional assistance.
He gives his all to everything he does, and is always available to colleagues for advice or assistance.
John has assisted us with this and more, and the results so far have been nothing less than amazing.
John is also always willing to assist his colleagues wherever possible, regardless of his own workload.
He always makes himself available for questions and suggestions for all those in need of assistance.
He is always looking to see how he can assist, without ever worrying about what is in it for him.
John has many different ways to assist you so whatever help you need he can be there for you.
John was the only person/company that went out of his way to see what he could do to assist us.
He goes above and beyond to make sure everyone is happy and can always be counted on to assist.
John was always willing to offer his assistance and go above and beyond as to what was required.
His bandwidth seems limitless and he is always willing to help anyone who needs his assistance.
John is always willing to assist outside of him given responsibilities, across all verticals.
He is someone that you can rely on and never turned anyone away who was in need of assistance.
John was always available and always willing to assist on any escalations when they occurred.
Friendly and helpful, he will always do his best to assist you in whatever way that he can.
John is also always happy to help anyone who needs an introduction or wants some assistance.
He is very friendly, always ready to help, and even goes out of his way to be of assistance.
John was always willing to assist with any issues and always followed through to resolution.
He is also always cheerful, willing to assist and looking to take on new responsibilities.
He never hesitated to assist someone and is always willing to help out in anyway he can.
John was always eager to help, and would always be there when him assistance was needed.
He has always been very approachable and available to assist throughout the transactions.
John always went above and beyond to assist me and always came through with flying colors.
I don't think we would have got through the last year without his advice and assistance.
I've always been impressed with how he reaches out to others to try to be of assistance.
John was always available to assist and would go out of his way to make a difference.
He always made himself available to advise and assist us, nothing was too much trouble.
Throughout this period, he was always available whenever you required any assistance.
He made himself available to assist with any issues or needs we had around the clock.
He was very patience when it comes to understanding my needs before trying to assist.
He is always looking out for others, and offering his assistance in any way possible.
He and his husband are more than willing to help and assist you in any way they can.
Members of the group often come to him for help, and he is always willing to assist.
However, that did not stop him from being more than willing to assist me in my role.
The staff of that agency has given us feedback on how much they value his assistance.
I would not even think of hiring anyone but him to assist me in any way possible.
He goes above and beyond when making himself available to assist whenever needed.
He is always willing to assist in any way he can and is always willing to try new tasks, even if he's never done them before.
When you go to him for guidance or assistance he will never say no, nor say that it is not within his scope.
John assisted him earlier in the year in the purchase of his own home.
These lessons will certainly help for any future purchases and even when doing his renovations on the new purchase.
John assisted us with purchasing a new car at the end of last year.
This is how it used to be that when you purchase something from someone he's there forever to back you up.
He is one who knows what he wants and will optimize the best of his purchase.
John then follows up on the purchase to make sure everyone is satisfied
He knows what they need next, before the purchaser knows themselves.
John goes above and beyond in assisting his clients in their purchase of our company.
John & his team recently assisted us with a difficult purchase.
He even assisted us with guidance and advice in the purchase of our new home, even though it was out of the area.
He went out of his way to get to know what his wants and needs were in regard to his home purchase.
He follows up at our company and seems to know when you are ready for the next purchase.
He even followed-up after our purchase to make sure all of our concerns were remedied.
He is always available and willing to help him with every aspect of his home purchase.
He did what he said and was with us every step of the way during the home purchase.
Was prepared to go above and beyond to help him make the correct purchase.
He continues to help with various matters even after those purchases.
He doesn't push you to purchase anything that will not be of value.
We will definitely reach out to him for our next home purchase.
You would do well to hire him for the next automobile purchase.
He is constantly in touch with himself and the end purchaser.
Hendrik has made each of his our company purchases very enjoyable.
He will assist in any way possible to help reach your goals of a new home purchase, new auto purchase, or anything that requires credit for purchases.
We purchased our first home with his assistance, just over a year ago and would recommend him to anyone.
John assisted in the purchase of our fleet of vehicles and his follow up was second to none.
John did an outstanding job in assisting us purchasing a property
He also went out of his way to assist him in the purchase of his new laptop and get it set up and working properly.
Kris' recommendations helped him to identify the best possible people to assist him with his first home purchase.
He followed through on every commitment and always went above and beyond to ensure that we were happy with our purchase.
He will have your best interests in mind and will make sure that you will be happy with your purchase.
What impressed him about this is that he understood how we purchased and made the recommendation.
Also, after the first purchase it has been a pleasure to get back to him for further enquiries.
He helped us find exactly what we were looking for and we are so happy with our purchase.
John went out of his way to help make the purchase as smooth and efficient as possible.
His primary concern was sure that whatever we purchased, it was right for us.
We are so glad to have met him and we will use him with any of our home purchases.
If that wasn't enough, the purchase of his new condo wasn't going smoothly either.
He understands your needs and does not try to pressure you to make a purchase.
He will go out of his way to ensure you are fully satisfied with your purchase.
John bent over backwards to make sure we were happy with our home purchase.
He's responsive and has ensured that the purchase has gone through smoothly.
He then further advised us on our next purchase which was again a success.
This is why when we decided to purchase flyers he was our first choice.
He has remained just as attentive after his purchase as he was before.
He helped us get the best possible deal when purchasing our new home.
Since then we've purchased two homes from him and would always go back.
Working with him to purchase our new home was seamless and painless.
You made him decide on his purchase without any hesitation or regret.
We are extremely happy with everything we have purchased from him.
John is one of his large suppliers within his purchasing segment.
Technology allows him to keep track of previously purchased goods.
We are also using him for our upcoming home purchase this year.
John recently helped him and his wife purchase new vehicles.
John provided very competitive rates at the time of purchase.
He has helped his parent and himself with past home purchases.
It was disappointing to lose him when our company was purchased.
John hired him on at our company which was later purchased by our company.
If he can assist through introductions, purchasing of software, etc. one simply has to ask and it is done within reason.
He also assisted him constantly since his home purchase, suggesting regular ways to have better mortgages
John assisted us in purchasing and installing two switches into our two call centers.
John assisted him in his own home and investment property purchases.
His interaction with us helped us make the decision to purchase.
His assistance allowed us to make smart, cost effective purchasing decisions.