Purchasing Buyer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Purchasing Buyer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

So, we did not have any post purchase shock or any buyers remorse when we purchased our first home with him.
John is the lender his buyers used to purchase their first home.
He was, in his opinion, one of the most astute buyers in our purchasing department.
He enjoys teaching the buyers about the home they're about to purchase.
He truly takes the fear out of purchasing for first time buyers like himself.
He knows who his buyers are and what they want to purchase to make their businesses more successful.
An awesome presenter and make the purchaser purchase whatever he is selling, whether or not if he needs it.
Worked with his company to make sure we were satisfied with our purchase.
Hugs all the way around from our buyers when he leaves the room.
John's help was invaluable during the purchase of the apartment.
He really knows what the buyers and sellers are going through.
Our company assured this won't be his only purchase from John.
John will help you with purchasing your first or next property.
It's obvious that he wants the best outcome for both the seller and the buyer which is comforting to new home buyers.
He inspires confidence in himself and his company/product while reinforcing buyers' decision to purchase.
Whatever we asked about, he would try to help, even if it wasn't directly related to the purchase.
His primary role with us has been as a buyer within our purchasing team.
John recently represented the buyers in the purchase of his listing.
He is always willing to help in any way he can for him buyers and always available to answer questions or concerns.
John always considers what is best for him sellers and buyers and always looks out for our company interest.
He will go above and beyond to protect what is in the best interest of his buyers and sellers.
John never tried to "close" us because he truly wanted us to be happy with our purchase.
John goes above and beyond to help him buyers make decisions that are good for them.
John's follow-up in the months following the purchase are even more impressive.
Household items were purchased to help while his belongings were in route.
He will definitely get you the best for your money as a buyer or seller.
He provides five start treatment, whether you are the buyer or seller.
Loved the jewelry cleaning kit they provided with his recent purchase.
He prepared his buyers for what to expect and what was reasonable.
He will ensure you have the best purchasing experience possible.
John did everything to facilitate his first-time home purchase.
John has closed several transactions for his buyers in the past.
John made sure that all purchased were through our company approved vendors.
So much so, the company was eventually purchased by our company.
John does an excellent job in getting the his buyers qualified to purchase and him follow up is great.
Remembering that the buyer is the only one who can admit to, and solve, his / his own issues.
We appreciated the appropriate, but direct approaches that he took with our purchase.
John went above and beyond to connect him with the right people for note purchasing.
John, thank you very much for guiding him through his first purchase of real estate.
John's contribution to the purchasing department will not go unrecognised.
So there is no doubt am going back to him for his next real estate purchase.
He interacted extremely well with both buyers and salespeople.
He would partner with other buyers to help make stuff happen.
John does a great job preparing him buyers up-front by making sure they are pre-approved so he and the buyers know what they can purchase.