Purposeful Performance Review Phrases Examples

Purposeful Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John insists that everything with his name on it looks like it was done on purpose.
He knows what he wants and goes after it with all intent and purpose.
He has a purpose in what he does, knows when and where help is needed.
Ask for his help, ask for him to help you uncover your purpose.
John knows his purpose and we can all be better because of it.
John is the ultimate example of what happens when you do things the right way on purpose every our company.
He is always up for something new and keeps himself busy with purposeful endeavors.
John is purposeful person, he exactly knows what he wants, knows his aims.
John is excellent at what he does and his seminars have value and purpose.
He is always purposeful in whatever he does, and it truly makes a difference.
That purpose is to organize all of those who will allow him to be of service.
John is the embodiment of someone who has found their purpose in life.
John, purposeful, targeted to do the things right from the first shot.
He has purposed in become better, and assisting others in that journey.
He is always available for questions and for consulting purposes.
He truly got our purpose and culture when looking for candidates.
He is focused with purpose and gets things done while having fun.
John has the ability to look at issues clearly and with purpose.
John approaches everything he does with purpose and excellence.
He is very watchful and purposeful as he goes about his business.
Results with purpose is his by-line; and we should all take heed.
John always knows the purposes and he knows how to achieve them.
Unconsciously competent in all he does with passion and purpose.
That allows him to be purposeful and practical towards his our company.
Everything he taught him to do is intentional and with purpose.
He is always on purpose and does it with honesty and integrity.
His energy is limitless and he gets things done with purpose.
His purpose is the welfare of others and not his own benefit.
He really made him think and define the purposes of all three.
Him purpose always seems to be one of mentorship and support.
John is focused and purposeful while still being approachable.
Cheerful and at the same our company purposeful and serious person.
He is definitely on purpose and was born to do that our company.
Our company has always known with John that you are getting the best possible job for your purpose.
We were all from different professions & were using our company for various purposes.