Quality Assurance Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Quality Assurance Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is an exceptional quality assurance and risk management practitioner.
John provides both quality leadership as well as the right balance in management styles.
His leadership qualities are amplified by his management style.
Vandhana is very detailed oriented, which is perfect for his role as a quality assurance manager.
That's a rare quality in a manager and one that speaks volumes to the quality of his character.
John dominates well the methodologies for project management and quality assurance.
John was an assured, approachable and unflappable manager in all circumstances.
The way he manages the duties always assures the best results for the company.
I would highly recommend him for future roles in people, issues and quality assurance management.
John is a hands on manager with a detailed approach to quality assurance.
His exam program management assured us of quality exams on-time.
Him time management, organisation and motivation are his best qualities.
This quality in particular made him a deeply respected manager in the company.
His management style and leadership quality are absolutely phenomenal.
This made him one of the easiest people to manage, with assured deliverables.
As his manager, he always gave me the assurance that the job will get done.
John is an excellent leader, manager and quality assurance professional.
John continues to go above and beyond as a quality assurance manager making sure no stone is unturned to resolve an issue.
John of his managers can rest assured when he's given any assignment as he would deliver same flawlessly.
Unlike many managers, he keeps his eye directly ahead of the ball to assure the momentum never slows.
He's an excellent manager and you can be assured that he will leave no stone unturned.
As a manager and facilitator with an eye for quality, he is second to none.
He is also patience, good emotional quotation and quality time management manage different assignments.
An antique has proven himself to not only be an expert in software quality, but also in managing the mobile quality assurance team.
John is very approachable and has good relationship management quality.
John has many fantastic qualities in terms of event management.
Whatever he manages, you can be assured he'll be on top of things and have the full picture of what is going on.
John was a pleasure to manage, organised, assured and self-motivated.
He's shown himself as a fine manager and trainer for the whole quality assurance department.
I've trusted him to manage new initiatives and he often comes back with suggestions on how making it better, then gets behind it and delivers quality outcomes.
He's passionate about quality, transparency, ethical management and everything else he involves himself in.
John's optimism and enthusiasm are admirable qualities that contribute to his management style.
John is a conscientious manager that has a keen commitment to quality.
John to be a true manager with a gifted leadership qualities.
From management to providing assurance, he is brilliant and an all round champion.
John is very detail oriented in all facets of the management of software quality assurance.
John has been instrumental in assuring that projects are done with quality.
John represents the very best in leadership and management qualities.
He has taken our company from average to recognize, and we can rest assured that things will be managed efficiently.
He is the type of manager that you can rely on and rest assured he will look for you and set you on the right path.
Consequently, those he manages to grow incredibly loyal to him thus assuring success for all.
He knows how to manage deadlines and meet targets without compromising on the quality of the output.
As a manager, he has a number of qualities that set him apart.
He has a strong combination of quality assurance skills and people management.
He displayed fine relationship management and leadership qualities.
He is extremely knowledgeable in the areas of quality assurance, requirements management, and organizational leadership.
John is quality orientated and focused manager, negotiator and student.
John has displayed a high level of competency in stakeholder management and thorough quality assurance.
He has a reliable management style that gives you the assurance that you can always count on him.
John avoided managing by crisis and always faced challenges with confidence and assurance.
He is very diligent and you can rest assured when he is the one managing your career move.
We are not the easiest of clients and he manages us well with his calm and assured manner.
He was able to assure that strategies were implemented, but did not micromanage.
I think he is one of the best solutions for any job related to leadership on quality assurance, quality management and/or continuous improvement.
He is able to manage many tasks at the same time without losing quality of the results.
He is an energetic manager who really cares about the quality of outcomes.
He manages to deliver on agreements, both in terms of quality, speed and budget.
John surrounds himself with professional driven managers that exceeded all quality assurance goals that were set.
John manages processes well and provides quality and timely deliverables.
John is an excellent manager and very committed with the goal achievement, quality and revenue assurance, always looking for the best results for the company.