Quality Auditor Performance Review Phrases Examples

Quality Auditor Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He truly understands quality /quality systems and above all always puts quality first.
That for him was the best aspect - no come back from our auditors.
The manager and auditor who know his stuff and is very proficient.
As a quality auditor, he is able to identify areas for improvement.
He will make sure everything done with the best quality and on schedule.
With all such qualities, am quite sure that he is an asset to the employer.
After being hired, he quickly was recognized as one of our best auditors.
John's expertise as an auditor has been exemplary on both occasions.
He knows the subject matter well, and is an excellent auditor.
Coaching and support of others are two of his best qualities.
The best quality in him is that he is always looking for innovation and something new.
Given those qualities he will definitely contribute to increasing the quality of the environment he is part of.
John has many excellent qualities, and in no particular order.
He does what he says he will do, on or ahead of schedule, and with high quality.
He gets things done on schedule, with quality, and without the drama.
He has high integrity and ensures that he provides quality candidates to quality companies.
This quality brings in other qualities of perseverance and patient listening to him.
These qualities amongst many others, make him an outstanding leader.
It was so fun to finally see someone who knows the rules better than the auditor himself.
As an auditor, he has the ability to identify the issues quickly.