Quality Control Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Quality Control Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He knows when he needs to be involved and when not, a quality that many managers out there just don't get.
He was always available to suggest new and different approaches to quality and management issues.
He reflects all the qualities in management, we all know are needed, yet not as often attained.
This is one quality for which he is highly respected and appreciated by the management.
Right blend of these two qualities together makes him a very very successful manager.
John is an exemplary example of all the qualities that make a really great manager.
His managing qualities are something to be admired as he empowers you completely.
John possesses the great qualities that so many lack when it comes to management.
He has the true management qualities which makes him stand out in the crowd.
In this role he has shown his qualities in management and entrepreneurship.
John displayed that quality that is sometimes difficult to find in managers.
He is very approachable, which is always appreciable quality for a manager.
He is unassuming and that is one quality in a manager that everyone likes.
These qualities make him, as a manager, the right man on the right place.
John is an extraordinary individual with superior management qualities.
The leadership and management qualities shown by him were extraordinary.
John is an experienced manager with very good leadership qualities.
He can catch up and manage things very quickly without losing quality.
He provided quality management leadership to the entire organisation.
John possesses versatile qualities and he manages things with ease.
I would strongly recommend him for any quality management positions.
I found in him all the qualities that a good manager should have.
John has a very unique quality of management that makes you want to constantly do better and push yourself without the feeling of being managed.
I have also observed how he manages to deliver within stiff deadlines without compromising on quality.
John is a successful, dedicated, focussed and quality driven manager who brings these qualities to everything he does.
It's this quality that always made him one of the most beloved and respected managers in the organization.
If your organization is looking for the highest quality manager, you've found him.
These qualities endeared him to all the employees as well as the top management.
With these qualities, his managers are motivated to go the extra mile.
John was in complete control and managed all the demands of those above us admirably.
John is definitely one of the best controlling managers to work with from all aspects.
John in his capacity as quality manager did an excellent job.
Overall, he has demonstrated very good qualities as a manager.
And he is one of those rare individuals that possess all of the qualities necessary for outstanding management.
John embodies both qualities with such ease, making it look like it should be second nature of every manager.
In doing so, he delivered more consistently and with better quality than most managers ever hope to achieve.
He is honest and fair when it comes to management and that quality, among others, earns my recommendation.
John can do management and leadership which is a very rare quality - most just do one or the other.
One of the many qualities that make a manager better than most is his ability to solve problems.
He always has the backing of his subordinates, and that is a great quality to have in a manager.
Instead, he always managed to deliver top quality even under the most difficult circumstances.
The quality of his deliverables is consistently impressive and he is an excellent manager.
The qualities that he possesses in the management environment would be vital to any company.
He sees his duty and does it without having to be "managed", which is a very rare quality.
His leadership qualities are amazing and is definitely a manager one would like to have.
He is very conscientious and has strong qualities necessary for a role in management.
John has great qualities as a manager and is very passionate about what he is doing.
John encapsulates the management qualities that bring out "loyalty in the troops".
These qualities make him stand apart from the traditional run of the mill managers.
John is an excellent manager who breathes timelines without compromising quality.
However, he always came out to be a dedicated and quality conscious manager to me.
He never makes you feel that he is our manager, which is the best quality in him.
I think this quality makes him a great candidate for management in the future.
This is a difficult management quality to grasp, but he does exactly that.
I believe that these qualities will stand him in good stead as a manager.
He naturally has the qualities that make a manager not good, but great.
He has very good leadership quality which makes him a good manager.
His leadership qualities moved me to another level of management.
John is a harmful, straightforward and quality driven manager.
He had the qualities of a great man manager that one should imbibe.