Quality Control Specialist Performance Review Phrases Examples

Quality Control Specialist Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Explanations have always been thorough, and he has been more than willing to help with problems/issues beyond his immediate control.
John focuses on things he can do something about rather than on things beyond his control.
He always seems to have things under control even at the last minute.
That does not mean that he doesn't have control over the situation.
John always has everything under control and makes it look easy.
He got things done without being the “annoying” controller.
By the way he approaches his job, he would be better fitted with the title of quality control specialist.
He always made sure everything was under control, and if it, wasn't it would definitely become an instant priority.
He is always focused, in control and knows exactly how to get things done the best way possible.
John was always willing to step up, take control and make sure things got done.
He is always on top of things and does everything he can be fully in control.
When he said he had something under control, we could all trust that it was.
I was very impressed with how quickly he got everything under control.
One of my stipulations for him was to have zero control deficiencies.
He then would do all he could to control and amend those situations.
He is always several steps ahead and in control of every situation.
His ability to take control and see things through is outstanding.
However, because he's so in control he never has to play that card.
He is thorough whilst never losing control when things get tough.
Every thing that was within his control was exceptionally handled.
He was always in control; his paperwork was always up to date.
I did not have to worry about anything in his span of control.
However, usually always meets these, especially when they are in his control of responsibilities.
He controls meetings, but doesn't get in the way of conversations.
John has the ability to keep things organized and under control.
Furthermore, he has got an ability to accommodate himself in any situation and take things under his control.
He has this way of putting you at ease and letting you know that he has everything under control.
John never sweeps things under the rug, nor does he allow the challenges to get out of control.
He will have an eye on the progress for sure, but he does not let you feel to be controlled.
John always gives an impression that he is in control of all aspects of his deliverable.
He has always been the kind of individual who has control of what is around him.
He knows just when to step in and take control, or to let others handle things.
He knows what he's doing, and isn't an egotistical, megalomaniac, control freak.
He will help you gain back control, believing in yourself and others once again.
He knows how to take control of an audience no matter what the circumstances.
John came through even when obstacles out of his control slowed things down.
John is a very good project manager who always has everything under control.
He is in control of what he says and will never have knee jerk reactions.
I never saw him lose his control, no matter whatever is the situation.
He shows you how you can conscientiously control what happens to you.
When there were issues he took control until the issue was resolved.
I'm glad he's on my side when things otherwise spin out of control.
He is well in control of his deliverables and rarely gets hassled.
He did this, in spite of numerous impediments beyond his control.
He can go into any wildfire situation and bring it under control.
He is very cool and composed and always in control of situations.
He gave me the peace of mind that everything was under control.
John takes control over any auditorium by just being himself.
He was always my preferred controller to challenge new ideas.
John is an exceptional guy in getting things under his control.
No command and control at our company - it is about empowerment.
John is someone that is controlling almost every detail about something particular.
He is always prepared for anything that pops up and knows how to take control when needed.
I have always been amazed at his will power where he can control almost everything.
He can take control of any situation and let you know that you are in great hands.
John came into the organization and quite quickly took control of the situation.
John puts in the controls and procedures necessary to get things organized.
He was always in control even under demanding and challenging situations.
He is very organized in his approach without having a need for control.
He is calm and organized even when things not in his control go awry.