Quality Control Supervisor Performance Review Phrases Examples

Quality Control Supervisor Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

All-around can be said that he is well known to recent trends and knows to control.
John has each and every one of them completely under control.
He was able to take control of the team when his supervisor is not at the post.
As a supervisor, he had many qualities that made him an excellent leader.
He has all the qualities of a leader, supervisor, and colleague.
It's with confidence that one can say that things will definitely be in control when he's around.
He was always aware of what was going on and new when he needed to take control.
You never have to follow up and can trust that he's got things under control.
I have never seen him out of control in difficult situations.
While having it all under control, he is always upbeat and engaging.
One of the good qualities he has, it is that, being a supervisor, he is able to keep it human.
John is an amazing supervisor who shows strong leadership and motivational qualities within the workplace.
John was the glue that kept everything together when things seems to be completely spinning out of control.
He is always helpful, and can be trusted to really take responsibility of things under his control.
He is extremely responsible and hard working, always having everything under control.
He will always show patience and self-control, regardless of workload.
John is always calm under pressure, which means he is always in control.
He also set expectations well and knows you don't control coverage.
He is always under control, no matter the emotion of the situation.
Top top it all, he is always smiling and controlled under pressure.
However, he always maintained control and everyone respected him.
He quickly assessed the situation and got things under control.
Whatever happens, he never looses control and sense of humor.
John does this absolutely with excellence and complete control.
With his get it done attitude we were almost never behind on the things he had control of and he was always on the look out for a better way.
I have never seen him to be fazed and he appears to be in control of things on most occasions.
John is very flexible and helped me out several times when things were out of control.
He does not over stress himself and is able to keep control of all of his duties.
He also has the ability to keep its self-control in many stressing contexts.
At the same time he knows when to take control and exercise leadership.
He is always in control and at the same time never on anyones face.
He wants to be in control of everything and is a good motivator.
Task oriented and quality focused, he is one supervisor who has come across as a true leader.
He just needs to get those typos in his presentation slides under control.
John is unflappable and has complete control over his presentations.
John is not only well prepared for any engagements but also always keeps them under control as they run.
He was engaged, helpful, and innovative without being controlling.
I continually use his qualities as an example of a good leader and good supervisor.
He has a presence and self confidence about him, which lets everyone know that everything is under control.
John had many challenges to deal with; some of those were completely out of his control.
John is able to edit under tight deadlines that are sometimes out of our control.
He listens and gives advice, but most importantly, he empowers you to take control.
That gives everyone around him a feeling of calm and sense of in control.
He is highly organised and precise, unflappable and controlled.
Even under pressure, he remained cheerful, calm and in control.
He is able to delegate effectively while maintaining control.
He delivers what he says he will and takes control over situations when they need someone to take the initiative.
He has a vision of what the result looks like, he knows how to get there and he is great in controlling the progress.
He knows how to take control over situations and get things done while making everyone happy along the way.
John has everything under control, but not micromanages things and completely trust his subordinates.
John is the one everyone goes to when there is a question or problem, even the controller will go to him.
Resolving issues completely beyond his control to ensue, we get exactly what we need and when we need it.
Even under tremendous pressure he is able to keep things under control and makes things look so easy.
He was always on top of things and completely in control, even in difficult circumstances.
He delivered results all the while controlling expenses as if it was his checkbook.
He has got control over his emotions and his actions are intellectually driven.
He is extremely controlled under pressure, and can be relied upon to deliver.
John was an awesome self starter who took control of our inbound efforts.
John never looses control and has complete understanding what he is doing.
He is not only the controller, but he is the great mentor, friend.