Quality Management Performance Review Phrases Examples

Quality Management Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

John has very unique qualities that are not often found in management.

John has all the qualities of the best account managers.

This quality makes him an excellent manager.

He has all the qualities you can look for in an excellent manager.

John has every quality you could ever want in a manager.

John was a quality manager who was very involved in the management of the team.

The best quality I will always adore is the quality he had to manage his team.

Good manager, his advantages are the responsibility and quality.

John has all qualities, which are essential for the successful manager.

John was the quality manager of my team at our company.

He has all the qualities of leadership and effective management.

That in itself speaks for his qualities as a manager.

John has this unique quality which sets him apart from all other managers.

John is one of those rare managers who stand out for their qualities.

John is an exceptional manager with outstanding qualities.

John has all the qualities of a great manager.

This is one of the best qualities a manager can possess.

He is an excellent manager with leadership qualities.

To me, this is an important quality every manager should posses.

John has so many great qualities that make him an exceptional manager.

He had 3 qualities that made him an outstanding manager.

We got quality candidates that each one could be the next technical manager.

John has some qualities because of which I can say he is by far one of the best managers in the organization.

I have found him standing out in his leadership and management qualities.

I believe this is one of the qualities that makes him very good at being a manager.

John has all the qualities you expect in a manager.

Another quality that makes him a terrific manager.

John demonstrates all the best qualities of a manager.

John exhibits many of the qualities that are essential for any manager.

I think his managing qualities are excellent and ideal.

John has every quality you'd want in a sales manager.

John embodies many of the best qualities of a manager.

John has many qualities which makes him a good manager.

Another great quality of his is that he does not micro-manage.

John is a great manager, but that is just one of his qualities.

He has some top qualities that all managers should have.

I can recommend for his qualities to get things done and manage priorities.

He is very approachable and has all the qualities someone could ask for in a manager.

This is a quality not many managers have.

John is an experienced quality professional in the following areas: quality management system, FDA audit management, risk management, and project management.

Him work is quality and so is his management.

He is quality and result oriented, which is one of his best qualities.

He has all qualities of the best team manager or lead any management books would teach.

John's main quality is people management.

He managed to improve the quality beyond my best hopes.

He manages many quality functions along with coordinating with many quality engineers directly.

Definitely someone of leadership quality.

They believe in the quality of the outcome and the quality of the relationship.

We served together on risk management, quality management and senior management teams at our company.

Excellent product manager, managed deliverables on time with high quality.

I found in him all the qualities that a good manager should have.

He has all necessary qualities which a manager position requires.

John is an outstanding manager and shows leadership qualities.

These qualities make him, as a manager, the right man on the right place.

He always manages to deliver on time and also to the required quality.

John is a senior manager of the highest quality.

Which, as a manager is a very important quality.

His management style has strong mentorship qualities.

John possesses all the great qualities of a manager.

John showed very strong leadership and management qualities.