Quick-Witted Performance Review Phrases Examples

Quick-Witted Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Additionally, he is quick witted and is always looking for solutions.
Personally, he is quick, and quick witted-a pleasure to have on the team.
John is enthusiastic and quick witted as well as very, very knowledgeable
That apart, he was also known for his quick wit and sense of humour.
He does have a very quick wit, which would keep us all on our toes.
His intelligence and quick wit are something you wouldn't see often.
He is not only quick in learning, but also quick in implementation.
He is also as quick-witted as he is engaging with his audience.
Wrote headlines that sparkled almost as much as him quick wit.
And perhaps best of all, his quick wit makes our company so much fun.
Plus, he has a quick wit that makes everything more enjoyable.
He's a very quick learner, quick relationship builder and quick witted as well.
John is always quick to help someone out and if he can't do it himself, he always knows someone who can.
He is always willing to help you in any way he can and is always quick to respond.
He's got wits, and he knows how making someone do exactly what he wants.
He's always there when you need here and gets the answers you need quickly
He's quick to see what has to be done and he does it all really well.
He always made sure everything was done right & as quick as possible.
John is someone you like right away, from his integrity to his wit.
He's always available if you have questions or need something quick.
He is always quick to go out of his way to help those around him.
John is always willing to do things 'right' instead of 'quick'.
He is quick to help, often going above and beyond his own duties.
John favor you ask from him, he will get it done really quick.
He's quick-witted, thoughtful and follows through on his commitments.
Occasionally, he surprises everyone with his quick wit and humor.
He is quick, (as well as quick-witted, which is appreciated) smart, and thoroughly
When it comes to getting things done, he can be trusted to see it through with his wits.
He is smart, quick witted as well and very well like by others in his department and in the company.
He is a quick wit, got along really well with both his colleagues as well as our customers.
He is quick witted, hard-working and always willing to help out wherever he is needed.
John's professionalism, quick wit and responsiveness make him one the best in his field.
He has always been blessed with being quick witted, as well as on the analytical side.
He is quick to praise, and just as quick with course corrections when necessary.
He is quick witted and has even been known to be pretty funny, every now and then.
Him quickness also comes through his wit - which makes him enjoyable to our company with.
John has always impressed him with his professionalism, quick wit, and integrity.
John's intellect and quick wit have always set him apart from his contemporaries.
John's technical competencies aside, he is quick witted and very personable.
His quick wit and instincts make him think outside of the box with any client.
He is quick to laugh, quick to make things right, and steady under pressure.
His quick wit and positive attitude was always something to look forward to.
Throughout the interview, he made him smile with his quick wit and insights.
He's quick witted, intelligent and puts everything he's got into the our company.
John has a quick wit and always wants to meet the needs of his customers.
John is driven, quick-witted, and would be an asset to any organization.
He is quick witted and very intelligent, as well as immensely talented.
He is always quick with wit, wisdom, and of course technical knowledge.
He's also extremely quick-witted and can make any meeting entertaining.
He's quick-witted but metered in his demeanor which is very refreshing.
He is dedicated and very quick witted about issues we would encounter.
He is always quick to respond and quick with getting all the our company done.
He faces the challenges that come his way with quick wit and calmness.
He is quick witted, and is an expert in his own domain of recruitment.
John is great for our company with - he is very intelligent and quick-witted.
He is also engaging, smart, quick-witted and most of all very helpful.
His intelligence and his quick wit make it impossible not to like him.
John is very collaborative, quick to learn, and quick to help others.
John is very knowledgeable, savvy, quick witted, and always positive.
Extremely committed to his work, he is spontaneous and quick witted.