Ramp Agent Performance Review Phrases Examples

Ramp Agent Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He goes above and beyond to make sure his agents have everything they need to be successful.
We also liked that he didn't come off as "salesy" as most agents.
As an agent, he is definitely someone you want in your corner.
When other agents said it couldn't be done, he made it happen.
He sincerely wants to help agents and goes out of his way to see that this is accomplished.
He is enthusiastic about everything he does and truly an outstanding agent.
In short, he is everything an author could want or need in an agent.
He understands his agents really well and wants to see them succeed.
Would recommend him to anyone that would need agent representation.
He does whatever it takes to make him agents the best they can be.
There are lots of agents out there, but very few of his caliber.
If we ever need an agent again, we will definitely be using him.
It was obvious right away he was not one of those bad agents.
He is honest, especially unusual considering he was an agent.
Several of his agents went our of their way to thank him afterwards for asking him to speak to us.
He always makes the best available to him agents while always making himself available to help with any questions or problems.
We were very grateful that he was there for us since the seller's agent was no where to be found.
He made recommendation that no other agent had ever made all the while saving him $ in the end.
We couldn't be more happy than to say that we would recommend him as an outstanding agent.
Without him, agents like his husband and himself would not be the success we are today.
He's a terrific agent and will do exactly what he says he's going to do for you.
The willingness to help others succeed is why he has the loyalty of his agents.
Communication with him is very rapid and effective compared to other agents.
John is a good agent, he does what he says he will and keeps you up-to-date.
The agents who actually use his concepts will certainly be more successful.
John has been his literary agent for several years and he is fantastic.
He kept our progress on track when another agent may have let things go.
So much so that he made it to our very short list of preferred agents.
If you are looking for an honest and ethical agent, you have found him.
Would recommend both as supplier and agent as has placed him in roles.
He has helped many new agents become just as successful as he is.
His husband is also very fond of him and will hire no other agent.
John is the kind of agent who gets deals done for him sellers.
Collaborating with him has been a joy for both author and agent.
John is committed to excellence individually and for his agents.
He is truly dedicated to the success of every agent in his firm.
No-one he is his busiest and most successful agent in the world.
John has been a valuable agent to him over the past few years.
Our agents' welfare is always at the forefront of his actions.
John has served as the settlement agent on many of our deals.
During his tenure, he treated him and the other agents equally.
Both his wife and himself felt at ease that he was our agent.
If you are an agent mention his name and let him sponsor you.
Our company, like an agent who is willing to do what it takes to get the John Donne
John understands his clients better than nearly every other agent.
John and his team were truly exceptional amongst other agents.
And not just an estate agent; he can't be categorized that simply.
Awesome agent, takes care concerns of all parties in our company interests, recommended agent.
This is what makes him such an effective mentor and change agent.
The additional advice he has provided went above and beyond what you could expect from any other, regular agent.
He always knows exactly what is going on in every deal, as he maintains an excellent rapport with his agents.
John has never made a promise to him that he couldn't deliver and that reflects very well on him as an agent.
Simply said, if you are a photographer and are lucky enough to have him as your agent you have arrived.
We can't imagine any other agent accomplishing what he did in the timeframe and circumstances.
He is the rare agent who is actually down to earth, and he simply gets it done proficiently.
We were so pleased that we also recommend him to all of our new agents joining our brokerage.
John knows exactly what it takes to take the agents to their highest level of success.
John provides everything his agents could imagine needing to succeed, and then some.
He goes the extra mile for the authors that are lucky enough to have him as an agent.
When we are talking about changes, we can naturally visualize him as an agent of it.
His pragmatic approach has been most helpful, especially in dealing with new agents.
He would never respond to another agent without getting his side of the story first.
Tallitha was able to look at his query letter and see it from the eyes of an agent.
John surrounds himself with great agents as he shows them how to really shine.
Him commission/fee was also half what the previous agent would have charged us.
John is not only an outstanding agent, he has also become a dear friend.
He "gets" subjects, spiritual and otherwise, that other agents don't get.
He took the agent straight to his place to show them what we had to offer.
There are many real agents to select from but they do not compare to him.
John knows what his agents want, and he makes sure he takes care of them.
His understanding of the agents or t/o needs are in quite high standard.
John immediately came across as an agent clearly a cut above the norm.
John as an agent, fulfill his role very well at the highest level.
His charismatic approach inspires others to be agents of progress.
Undeniably the number one agent on his list of recommended realtors.
A compliment to our profession and truly cares about his agents.
His enthusiasm is infectious and his agents are him top concern.
His approach was incomparable to the larger mainstream agents.
Most of the our company agents, we have dealt with in the past were only looking out for themselves.
Immediately he went out of his way to ramp him up quickly and successfully.
He dedicated himself to ramping in everything that was new to him.
He ramps up quickly, he knows what needs to get done, and by whom.