Real Estate Accountant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Real Estate Accountant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John was my accountability partner and he knows how to keep negotiations real.
We would recommend him to anyone looking for real estate talent.
His passion is real estate and he is well versed in both sides of the buyer - seller equation in a real estate transaction.
His leadership inspires others, creates real accountability and loyalty.
John has a real passion to succeed and is always fully accountable.
John is great at getting results and he really knows the real estate landscape.
Always ahead of the curve throughout his entire real estate career.
I was involved in two real estate transactions with him, and he couldn't have done a better job.
John is highly qualified in the area of residential real estate.
It is no understatement to say that what he is doing is going to change the way real estate transactions are done.
He is an expert in finance, accounting, investing and many real estate concepts.
John would be an important asset for any real estate organization.
We love the fact that we have real time accounting and we can video conference with him as needed.
John is my go to guy for anything involving real estate mortgages.
John has definitely achieved outstanding results within his career in real estate.
John clearly has an undivided passion for real estate and technology.
John's a top name in the high desert when it comes to real estate.
His use of technology in the real estate arena is noteworthy.
He is one of the best in real estate in all aspects of his business.
John is a real stand out from the ordinary pack of "account people".
I would certainly recommend him in his specialized niche, and also in any other real estate deal.
John is an extremely capable and thorough real estate practitioner.
If you want a real world, first-hand account of innovation he has them.
I appreciate his extensive real estate experience and his drive for results.
His years of experience in real estate has prepared him for any challenge.
His real craft is that he turns complicated accounts around two simple, solvable matters.
He is very knowledgeable and dedicated to the real estate experience.
John has been very active on my behalf in locating, evaluating and notifying me of appropriate real estate.
If you are looking for real estate investing results, you would do well to listen to what he has to say.
John is not only my real estate consultant, but also my friend.
John is an account rep who adds real value to the people he sells to.
John empowers his team and gives them real accountability to be responsible for their own objectives.
John delivers real value, doing the hard yards and keeping everyone accountable along the way.
He is very knowledgeable in both real estate and accounting and has great leadership skills.
John is an excellent source for all that is real estate investing.
John is always direct and he questions to gain a real understanding of his accounts.
John board knows me, holds me accountable and gives practical real world advice.
John is always available to answer any and all questions you may have regarding the real estate market.
John has survived in the real estate market because he knows what he is doing.
His passion when it comes to marketing real estate is unsurpassed.
Simply put, he's the best, works hard (real hard) for his accounts and his company.
John is not a stereotypical accountant and is a real place to work with.
Moreover, he is flexible, hard working, accountability and a real team player.
Everyone in residential real estate should be lucky enough to have him influence their career.
John is an active member of several real estate and relocation organizations.
His contributions over the years have contributed to our success in our real estate career.
He is on the pulse of what the next real estate trends will be and embraces technology.
John stays on the cutting edge of technology and all things real estate.
John also invests in real estate, so he practices what he preaches.
I wish him good luck in establishing a career in real estate.
John has helped me tremendously over the years with my real estate career.
He is passionate about creative excellence and has made a real impact on our accounts.
John brings real leadership, creativity, and sensitivity our account everyday.
We will always recommend him and will definitely go back to him for our future real estate needs, as he is the best in the business.
John applied the same principles in his real estate business.
He was able to seamlessly convert what you want into real job opportunities taking into account your wants and needs.
John is a very intelligent, savvy real estate investor and knows his stuff.
His level of enthusiasm and integrity are unmatched in real estate.
He has successfully completed numerous creative real estate transactions.
He is a true real estate professional very capable of working with both buyers and sellers of real estate.