Real Estate Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Real Estate Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John has great experience managing the real estate needs of his clients.
He is an experienced real estate manager and a very good leader.
He has a very real sense of what is possible and what is not and manages to the achiever.
Having him as my manager has been an honour and a real opportunity.
I have seen him managing the toughest situations with real ease.
I have trusted him with managing rather complex real estate buying challenges and he has come up trumps both times.
Highly recommend him for managing your business' real estate needs.
John has the rare characteristic to deeply understand the real motivations, the real aspirations of managers.
John spends time understanding the real needs, your (as a manager) real needs.
John has a vast knowledge of management, economics and the real estate world.
He is extremely knowledgeable in owning and managing a real estate firm.
John's mastery and knowledge of real estate management is a true gift.
John is an exceptional branch manager with an extensive knowledge of real estate.
John is a highly professional manager and a real estate broker.
Though he also never over promises and keeps things real, which to me is important to manage expectations.
Having had transactions of his own and not just managing, he knows about real life transactions.
John is a real manager, able to manage the people during the roll out in the right way.
John is a real no nonsense manager, who is not afraid to help out if necessary.
He very well knows how to manage an agency, has a real feeling of creation.
As a manager, he is focussed and adds real value to an organisation.
He has not only been an excellent manager, but a real mentor.
Who better to manage your rental real estate than a person that has proven his ability to manage their own.
John is an extraordinary manager, someone who really sources himself from the vision and makes it real.
I understand that his expertise goes beyond real estate into family law.
I have also used him in my personal real estate dealings since then.
John is qualified to guide you through your real estate relocation experience.
John is innovative in his ideas towards renewable energy and real estate.
And if you are looking for a real and correct people manager, he is the very best one amongst the best.
John recently presented at the first national real estate property management conference.
I certainly would not hesitate to have him take care of my real estate needs.
He's been an asset to us in our real estate investment endeavors.
John can manage any situation thrown at him and has achieved positive results in the most difficult real estate climate in recent memory.
He took time out of his day to teach me the fundamentals of real estate.
John goes above and beyond for his students and is the real deal.
He also makes a great manager, as he understands and has a real passion for what he does.
John is a very complete manager, who can foster real success in almost any scenario.
Second, he manages to keep all those big ideas completely grounded in the real world.
He is a real can do manager that instills confidence and trust in those around him.
It's been a real pleasure managing him and watching his progression and growth.
He manages all stakeholders effectively and passionately to deliver real value.
John is fantastic and a real expert in alliance management matters.
John knows how to manage real change, not top down, but bottom up.
John is a results driven manager with real passion to deliver.
He has vast experience in real estate as an agent and now as a manager.
John is the go-to guy for real estate questions for my customers who are looking to make a move in the real estate market.
I find him to be extremely knowledgeable of all aspects of real estate law and very well experienced having negotiated a plethora of real estate transactions.
John is the expert in land use, real estate and environmental law.
John come across real talents who stand out from the other people manager.
John was too good in people management and he was a real motivator.
He's a pro, but never loses sight of the fact that he's managed real people, with real lives.
John also organizes and manages some of the best conferences in the institutional real estate industry.
John is very professional and definitely "knows his stuff" when it comes to real estate property management.
John is a team himself and real example of self-motivated manager.
Having sold real estate, as well as managed realtors, gives him the perspective of looking "outside the box" to satisfy his clients.
He is a real added value to both the management and the employees and will always go the extra mile.
He helped me find my real me, the ability to manage my time and get out of overwhelm.
He has a real understanding of him hiring managers and their objectives and needs.
Above all he is a real entrepreneur and has great time management abilities.
John is a real manager, very demanding with himself and with his staff.
John is a brilliant individual with innate management abilities along with strong real estate knowledge.