Realistic Performance Review Phrases Examples

Realistic Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He's been there and done that so expectations are always realistic.
He wants to make sure he comes up with plans that are realistic.
He knows what he wants and is realistic about how to get there.
John can see what needs to happen, what the end state looks like, and can tell you how to get there realistically.
He's been there and back, so he knows what to look for & how best to achieve realistic results.
John does not make promises he cannot keep, but rather makes sensible, realistic predictions.
John is also realistic throughout the whole process and did not over or under promise
The thing that always stands out to him is that he is also realistic and practical.
While he challenges us to always do better, he is realistic in him expectations.
He always kept him updated with changes and was very realistic with deadlines.
John is forward thinking and very realistic about what can be accomplished.
He knows what he wants, but he is also refreshingly pragmatic and realistic.
His answer might not be what some want to hear, but it is always realistic.
He is realistic in what can and cannot be achieved in any given project.
He will go out of his way to accomplish goals that don't seem realistic.
John is realistic and focused about what he could do during this period.
He is entirely trustworthy, always realistic and is very approachable.
John not only keeps his word, but he is realistic with it as well.
John has always provided him with sound and realistic advice.
Additionally, he always gives realistic, straightforward advice.
His briefs were always thorough and him deadlines were realistic.
He is very realistic when it comes to measurements and outcomes.
John is realistic with him while at the same our company encouraging.
John is curious, realistic, and knows how to make things happen.
He always understood our needs, and kept the project realistic.
He is pragmatic and realistic, never over- or under-promising.
He is honest and will tell you what you can realistically expect.
He can make it cartoony or realistic and anywhere in between.
John makes sure that what we promise to deliver is realistic.
He is realistic and want to thrive for the best in our company.
He always had very useful and realistic solutions to problems