Receiving Associate Performance Review Phrases Examples

Receiving Associate Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John received immense respect from his employees and associates.
The feedback he receives from those around him is always positive.
He deserves every accolade he has received and will continue to receive.
He goes above and beyond each day to make sure he makes the most of the opportunities that he receives.
It's not often that you find someone who truly gives more of himself than he receives from others.
He's always given more than received and being willing to stop along the way to help others.
Without his help, we certainly wouldn't have received the same enthusiastic response.
John always went out of the way to make sure the user received the best experience.
Importantly, the effects of his work/counseling/recommendations were well received.
John is charismatic and is well received by all with whom he comes into contact.
He makes sure everyone is involved and receiving value in whatever they're doing.
He received absolutely nothing from this, but did it because that's just who he is.
He expects, and therefore receives, nothing but the best from those around him.
John is one of those rare individuals who always gives more than he receives.
He demanded the best from us every day and that is exactly what he received.
It was great to have been associated with him and being on the receiving end.
He did all of this without receiving the recognition that he truly deserved.
He's always available to help others and is always open to receive feedback.
His suggestions were well thought out, useful, and, as such, well received.
He has hidden the ones he has received and has never made any requests.
These are known facts - just look at some of the honors he's received.
John made sure we received all the devices necessary to make it happen.
We usually receive more than what we expect from him managing&control.
For all that and so much more he receives his highest recommendation.
He gave to this course much more than what you may expect to receive.
The book would not have been as well received without his commentary.
That is probably the best recommendation anyone can receive from him.
Met with him again recently and received many more pearls of wisdom.
According to our attendee surveys he was also very well received.
His heart to give back to others what he himself has received.
His contributions to the organisation were very well received.
Regardless of what you expect from him, you will receive more.
As well, the way he provides and receives feedback is uncanny.
Anyone he touches, knows they have received something special.
He goes above and beyond to ensure you receive the very best.
He is always giving without worrying so much about receiving.
His classes were very well received as indicated by the consistently high course evaluations he would receive.
John rightly says, "we have to donate to receive, only those who give, will receive".
John received high ratings in the feedback received from the attendees.
John's presentation was the most-well received we have had, which is quite an accolade.
John makes sure each of him students' is receiving the appropriate help them
His presentations have always been very well received by our delegates.
John is fabulous and was really well received by the students.
He is one of many calls we received regarding our relocation.
His presentation was very well received, so much so that he received a standing ovation.
He received and still receives great loyalty from those with whom he has worked.