Receiving Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Receiving Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

During his tenure, he has received appreciations for his deliverable management.
His ability to both work with and manage others was very well received.
He's always given more than received and being willing to stop along the way to help others.
He's always been on top of things to make sure we've received what we've expected.
He expects, and therefore receives, nothing but the best from those around him.
John is one of those rare individuals who always gives more than he receives.
I always refer new prospects to him, because he gives, more than he receives.
He was so well-received by our attendees, we had to ask him to come back.
John is encouraging to those around him and willing to receive feedback.
I've seen him deliver several workshops and each was very well received.
He has hidden the ones he has received and has never made any requests.
These are known facts - just look at some of the honors he's received.
John made sure we received all the devices necessary to make it happen.
For all that and so much more he receives my highest recommendation.
John has received almost all the adjectives as recommendations.
No wonder he has received so much recognition and so many awards.
He was very well received by the audience being very charismatic.
He exactly knows where we go and what should receive as a result.
His heart to give back to others what he himself has received.
I have even received compliments from others about him advisement.
I can only confirm all the other endorsements he has received.
His contributions to the organisation were very well received.
Regardless of what you expect from him, you will receive more.
He goes above and beyond to ensure you receive the very best.
He gives and receives feedback well and is adept at managing the different cultures within firms.
John is a very effective manager, who always responds to any request he receives.
He was one of two speakers who received standing ovations, and the feedback that we've received since has been nothing but glowing.
He is well received by his audience, always receiving great feedback from all delegates and colleagues.
John never passed on the pressure he received from top management onto his employees.
I was one of those fortunate managers to receive him coaching.
His presentations have always been very well received by our delegates.
He has done an excellent job and been well received by hiring managers and candidates.
When we came across problems with our ad and how it was being received, he was the first one to our rescue.
John is in a league of his own, but willing to share all he knows with whomever is willing to receive.
We took him around the state to several venues we had set up for him, where he was very well received.
I was on the receiving end of his expertise on several occasions and must say he always impressed.
The feedback we got on him was completely different than any other feedback we have ever received.
He will always go over and above to help you impress whomever shall receive his candy bouquet's.
He gives always before receiving and will go to the ends of the earth for his friends.
You can rely upon him and you know you are going to receive the best advice available.
John has received many recommendations and none of them are overstated by any means.
I always recommend him to others and then receive thanks for that recommending him.
I would expect him to receive serious consideration for whatever he is pursuing.
His message to our audience was very well received and for all the right reasons.
I've had the pleasure of being on the receiving end of his advice and expertise.
Besides being his birthday today and being the one who should receive the gift.
I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to receive some of his expertise.
His assessment was well received and his recommendations were right on target.
You'll be blown away by how easy going he is and the results you'll receive.
He has offered advice and contact that we would have otherwise not received.
He proved that when you serve, you actually receive more than you expected.
He was very helpful and was so well received that we're inviting him back.
The audience was just in awe of him insights and the value they received.
I regularly see the requests he receives and ask him many things myself.
These turned out so beautiful and he has received so many compliments.
He said yes and now my wife beams at all the compliments he receives.
We have already received requests for him to return for more sessions.
John also brought humor into the session, which was very well received.
He should receive nothing but the highest recommendation from anyone.
His suggestions and input are well-received and taken very seriously.
His manner in managing upwards and downwards was appropriate and well received.
His style of management is pragmatic and almost always very well received.
He consistently receives positive reviews both by his managers and his peers and those that he manages.
His work was well received by his managers and we never received any complaints about him.
Under his management, we received responsibility for many more functions.
He provided well qualified candidates that were well received by the hiring managers.
John's ability to manage up comes naturally and is well received from the leadership
He receives the highest praise and reviews from all of his managers.
That's why he often receives commendations from his line managers.
John's management style was very well received-by fellow managers and by his direct reports.
He always received outstanding evaluation from his participants and commendations from management.
He knows how to manage each situation and you will always receive "yes we can do it" as an answer.
Instead, he received accolades from the founder and management for pulling off the impossible.
He always received accolades from management and his colleagues appreciated his leadership.
His sessions were very popular with our managers and received excellent reviews.
He consistently received good feedback from both delegates and management.
John received outstanding praise from most, if not all who he line managed.
He is superb dealing with customers and managing receivables.
As him manager it was his pleasure to be on the receiving end of feedback about his work.
His management qualifications and leadership style was well received in all departments.
His areas of management always received the highest ratings during inspections.
His work was always appreciated and well-received by upper management.
He makes sure they're happy and receiving value from each and every interaction.
He always made sure that his people received the recognition.
He received kudos not only for applicants with whom he had contact but also hiring managers.
He immediately applied the feedback he received, which is important as his manager.
He manages in a mentoring way that is received very well by his employees and peers.