Recruiter Performance Review Phrases Examples

Recruiter Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He has good knowledge of recruiting and he is accomplished recruiter.
John is an excellent recruiter with an impressive knowledge of his recruiting sectors.
He has a thorough knowledge of recruitment and is an expert in recruiting interims.
If you are simply looking for a recruiter who will find you a job, use any recruiter.
To find a new recruiter as a recruiter is indeed not an easy job.
John is an exceptionally motivated and thorough recruiter.
As a recruiter he is extremely aware of things which makes effective recruitment with successful results.
There are many recruiters out there who look at what they do just as a job.
If you're looking or an amazing recruiter, he is the one for the job.
If you are being recruited by him, congratulations on your new job.
He got me the job, where many other recruiters in the past failed.
John recently recruited and placed me in my current job.
John was the recruiter that got me the job at our company.
John has provided me with great help in critical recruitments.
John is a gifted recruiter and knows every possible candidate in the fields in which he recruits.
I highly recommend him if you are looking for an effective recruiter in the recruiting field.
John is very knowledgeable regarding recruitment and seeing the total picture of the importance of recruitment's value to the company.
John is an extremely knowledgeable, efficient and resourceful recruiter who is passionate about recruiting.
John has an excellent knowledge of recruitment and what it takes to become a successful recruiter.
He is very innovative and that is what makes sets him apart from your everyday recruiter.
John is one of the few recruiters who truly knows his field.
I believe he is one of the best in the recruitment field.
John knows recruiting, but most importantly, he knows people.
John is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable recruiters.
John's knowledge of what recruiters are looking for is unmatched.
I found him to be very fair and knowledgeable in recruiting.
John is very knowledgeable and an exceptional recruiter.
He is extremely knowledgeable in all things recruiting.
He is also very knowledge about diversity recruiting.
John is very experienced in the recruitment field and has been hands-on throughout the recruitment transition.
Always found me the right job, would recommend to any recruiters who are out there looking.
John is an outstanding recruiter who goes over and above to get the job done.
John was highly effective at his job, especially when it came to recruiting.
If you're not trying to recruit him out of his current job, you should be.
John is an excellent recruiter, who seems to thoroughly enjoy his job.
John is definitely an experienced recruiter who gets the job done.
His approach to recruitment being more than just getting the job done.
John was the recruiter who hired me for my first job out of college.
John knows his job and does it very well, he's a natural recruiter.
I would recommend him for any recruiting job that needs to be done.
John is an exceptional recruiter who makes the job look easy.
John did an exceptional job on our recent recruitment needs.
In him recruiting, he is relentless until the job is done.
He is an excellent recruiter and always gets the job done.
He did his job very well and is a very strong recruiter.
I would recommend him to all recruiters and jobseekers.
He has done an excellent job recruiting for our needs.
John is an outstanding recruiter and trusted partner.
He is very professional, in handling recruitment job.
I was more than pleased by the way John did his recruiting job.
However, I was the recruiter that placed him in our temporary job.
He was the recruiter who had successfully placed me with my first job in the UK.
John was by far heads and shoulders above the other recruiters.
I was on the team that recruited him to our division.
Staffing and recruiting are always stressful and time sensitive.
He knows recruitment inside out - and it shows from the amount of placements he makes.
I strongly recommend him for most critical recruitments.
Working with him at our company he was always there and passionate about recruiting and fundraising.
For someone who has only been recruiting for a couple of years, his knowledge of all things recruitment is more than a little impressive.
John is a savvy recruiter with an incredible amount of knowledge and passion in recruiting.