Recruiting Assistant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Recruiting Assistant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

In addition, he has assisted our recruiting team during the fall campus recruiting season.
John is a joy to recruit for because he sees the value in standing beside us at recruiting events to assist us in recruiting the highest level of candidates.
John is well liked by our team and the recruiters he provided assistance too.
John provided recruiting assistance for several openings in his team.
John recruited most of our leadership team and then assisted those individuals to recruit their teams.
John recruited him for an excellent position and assisted with his relocation.
John also went above and beyond by assisting with basic recruitment functions when needed.
He goes above and beyond his job description to assist with his needs as a recruiter.
He also assisted in the recruitment of his current position, and was his interviewer.
He also had experience assisting companies with new strategies for recruitment.
He assisted him with his requirements with regards to recruiting new staff.
John assisted us with a particularly important recruiting assignment.
He looks at both the person being recruited as well as the company for whom he is recruiting.
In recruiting he was always there to help and assist in any way possible and could be depended on to follow through with what he had committed to, which was much appreciated.
He has gone out of his way on more than one occasion to assist with recruitment efforts to ensure he delivers.
He assisted other recruiters in their tasks, and quickly became friends with everyone in the company.
John knowledge and experience in recruiting can be of great assistance to just about any company.
John continuously shares new methods to help other recruiters, and assist whenever he can.
He has a large group of recruiters, all with various levels of needs, that he assisted.
John filled this role perfectly and also assisted in the recruitment of his replacement.
He successfully assisted in recruiting and placing for several mutual friends.
John contacted him to assist him in finding a new recruitment opportunity.
If you need a recruiting assistance in the our company arena, he is your man.
He assisted us with an our company and affordable recruitment which both proved invaluable.
He continues to assist in the recruitment and retention of talent.
He recommended and assisted with a recruitment tool that has streamlined our recruitment process.
He's the best technical recruiter you could get to assist your placement.
We are recruiting for some rural areas and he was instrumental in assisting him with out of the box ideas for recruitment in those areas.
He has many years of experience and knows how to assist in the recruiting process.
He assists candidates throughout the recruitment process in all the possible ways.
John assisted him every step of the way through the recruiting process at our company.
If you are looking for external recruiting assistance you should absolutely consider contacting him.
Besides providing advice and assistance he introduced him to the right job recruiter.
Also, his expertise as a recruiter assisted him in his job hunt.
Firstly, he was the recruiter that assisted him to obtain a job with our company.
Thereafter, he's assisted him in recruiting for senior appointments.
John is a great recruiter to work with, he assisted him through the recruitment process and was thoroughly attentive.
In his role as a recruiter he goes above and beyond what is requested of him by the organizations and candidates he assists
As a recruiter he doesn't only help him to find out the right role, but also assisted him to understand what's best for him.
John's manner and approach to recruitment is exceptional and his assistance with his recent role was invaluable.
John approached him to assist with his company's recruitment at a time when there was no immediate requirement.
His quick success in his first placement resulted in him assisting us with further recruitment opportunities.
John's high commitment to recruiting and assisting his colleagues makes him an asset to any organization.
Post recruitment he assisted with tasks out of a willingness to help, even though he was not required to.
John continues to give back as an assistant scoutmaster and through his efforts as our troop recruiter.
He is of tremendous assistance to him in his new role for our company he first called to recruit him.
He goes the extra length to assist in the recruitment and always has time to discuss opportunities.
John assisted him and was very helpful in helping him recruit for a number of positions.
R recruiter that assisted him in his transition from a temporary employee to permanent.
He arms him recruits in a manner that will assist them in achieving success.
John is a wonderful professional who did all he could to assist him in his recruiting efforts with our company.
Since then, he has been instrumental in assisting his recruiting others to build up his group.
John has assisted him several times recently with very efficient and cost effective recruitment.
He has assisted him throughout the years with his insight into coaching and recruiting.
John provided invaluable assistance in negotiating through the organisation's considerable requirements around recruitment.
John has reached out to him in the past when he needed recruiting assistance on various accounting/finance related openings.
He is a great recruiter who interacts well with candidates and is always willing to assist them in any way that he can.
You are in good hands if he is either recruiting for your company or assisting you to land that new role.
His broad range of contacts and knowledge make him very well placed to assist in recruitment.
Him continual assistance in all matters related to recruitment is greatly appreciated
We assisted him with his recruiting process and together we found many excellent new employees for his firm.
He assisted him with finding his new position and has kept him in the loop during the recruitment process.
John is an outstanding recruiter and assisted him greatly through the entire process.
John recruited him for his current role at our company and was always willing to help and assist during the process.
He is not afraid to roll his sleeves up and dive into the thick of things, and he assisted the recruiting team with difficult recruits, from advising on best recruiting practices to actually recruit for our key or challenging roles when we were slammed.
His staff was always courteous and efficient in assisting our recruitment efforts.
John assisted with internal & external recruitment for some challenging remits.
John assist him with recruitment of staff and was always professional.
His high level of professionalism meant he didn't just assist with recruitment, but also with inductions and getting recruits settled into their new environment.
The first has been through his recruitment activity in our company.
John often was recruited to assist him senior leadership with presentations.
John has assisted his team with multiple recruitment drives over the years.
John isn't just one of the best recruiters around, he is an artist.
John always keeps up with the progress of new employees he recruited to help assist with their career, even after the initial recruiting process is over.
He also is an expert at candidate screening and has assisted in several challenging recruitments to help find just the right candidate.
In him recruitment role, he has assisted him in filling several key openings, and we will count on him again as needs arise.
When asked to assist with recruiting outside of him standard roles, he was on board and jumped in with success.
He always checked for the "special details" we were looking for, and even assisted with contractor recruiting.
His willingness and ability to be of assistance has proved invaluable in his efforts as a recruiter.
John's performance was excellent in assisting with the recruitment effort for a recent opening.
John never lost his cool and was able to assist internal recruitment by every mean necessary.
John is a very detail oriented recruiter who looks to provide assistance whenever he can.
John played a key role in recruiting him and assisting in his transition to our company.
Additionally, he was always eager to accept new challenges and willing to assist other recruiters in order to learn and grow as a recruiter.
He's a great recruiter who understands the roles he's recruiting for and the people on his books.
John effortlessly assisted our company with recruiting for a prospective new client.
He made his job as him recruiter easy when assisting him with his career search.
He and his staff gave useful advice and assistance with our recruitment drive.
John assisted him in all aspects from recruiting to employee personal issues.
He also assists other recruiters and is a go-to person for our company needs.
John recruited him to join him at our company and assist with the executive recruitment of key individuals during our company's transition.
John is an experience, high energy, dedicated recruiter who is willing to assist him colleagues.
John offers a detailed, driven recruitment strategy, provides solid candidates, updates, and recruitment "tips" to assist companies in their recruitment efforts.
He came on board to assist us with recruiting as the business was growing exponentially.
John's assistance with our recruiting needs has been exceptionally helpful and he has assisted us in acquiring several high calibre members of staff.
John assisted him throughout the entire recruitment process, from application to onboarding
He even offered assistance to his spouse in getting the proper connections from people within the recruiting circles.
John goes above and beyond the role of recruiter in advising and assisting solicitors in their career progression.
John helped him recruit a new executive assistant, which is his specialty.
His insight and guidance assisted him in furthering his career as a recruiter.
John led the our company recruitment activities and helped recruit him into our company.
We also recruited him to assist us in the presentation of a major listing proposal.
John assisted in him in his return to recruitment and he was extremely helpful and encouraging throughout the process.
John recently assisted him with the successful recruitment of two key departmental leaders in our organization.
He headhunted him, matched to the role and assisted proactively through the whole recruitment process.
They even went the extra mile to assist with pointing his husband to the right recruiter for his job hunt.
We have also used him twice to assist in the recruitment of new staff, taking a huge burden off us.
He is a passionate recruiter who loves assisting others in finding their dream job.
John is very exacting and wants the best for any recruitment activity in which he is involved.
He genuinely cares which sets him apart from other recruiters.
This also makes him an excellent mediator between the interests of the recruiting company and the person being recruited.
In addition to being his top recruiter, he assisted with upkeep/cleansing of our our company database.
John does not think twice in assisting any of his co-workers.
John's firm will be able to assist you in filling your open needs of recruiters and recruiting leaders in any market.
He assists in activities as well as recruiting others to lend a hand and get involved.
With his experience, he can assist both candidate and client in finding recruitment solutions.
John goes well beyond what other recruiters provide for clients and candidates.
John is a rare recruiter in that he actually listens to what you want, will be honest, whether your needs are real and/or if there is something he can assist with.
When assisting his recruitment he takes the time to fully understand our requirements, then provides just what we are over, time after time.
John showed great managerial potential and was always happy to offer assistance and guidance to the new recruits.
John is always professional and happy to go the extra mile to assist with his recruitment requirements.
John assisted in putting together the conference's format and helped to recruit a number of the panelists.
During the time that he assisted us he exhibited great recruiting instincts that we grew to depend on.
Our company, though John is half way around the world, he understands his needs as a fellow recruiter and offers his assistance as often as needed.
Our company the recruitment side, he has assisted him capture several high potential candidates for the Engineering group.