Recruiting Coordinator Performance Review Phrases Examples

Recruiting Coordinator Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

And the best part is that he is not just his recruiter, but his partner in recruiting.
He is one of the few recruiters who gets to know his clients and the companies he recruits for and therefore never gets it wrong.
John will very soon out grow his position as a recruiting coordinator, if he hasn't already.
John goes the extra mile to help acclimate new recruiters and coordinators to the group.
John coordinated the activities involved in his recruitment to our company.
His talent for volunteer recruitment and coordination is amazing.
John immense knowledge of recruiting and coordinates well with the candidate.
John provided leadership to his teammates and was critical in the development of new recruiters and recruiting coordinators.
John impresses as an energetic and professional recruitment coordinator.
John comes handy during our mass recruitment campaigns, coordinated well with each recruitment agency, assuring deliveries on time.
He well coordinated his meetings with prospect recruiters, despite of his remoteness and time difference.
The swiftness in which he coordinates and carries out the whole recruitment process is praiseworthy.
He guided him throughout the recruitment process and was very good at coordinating everything.
He coordinates recruitment activities well and is extremely thorough throughout the process.
Him coordination with our internal and external recruiters has been essential to our success.
John and his organization provide the results that you look for when you are recruiting.
John' approach differed from other recruiters in the sense that he really looks at the person he's recruiting.
Once given the opportunity to move into recruitment full time from coordinating there is nothing stopping him.
His responsibilities have included recruiting, cold calling candidates, selling, and coordinating.
He provides excellent service that goes far above a standard recruitment coordinator.
John started his career with our company as a recruiting coordinator and was promoted to recruiter in less than a year.
He does very well with clients and he is quite passionate about recruiting.
He has helped him coordinate recruitment drives and done a fabulous job.
Sometimes he brought us candidates himself, and sometimes he backed-up the others (sourcers and recruiters and coordinators) on his team.
John, and has spent many evenings making recruiting calls or coordinating recruiting events in foreign time zones.
Because of him thoroughness and the ability to describe exactly what him recruiting needs are, he makes the recruiting process very easy.
He would be an asset to any company in their recruiting department.
He did a great job during his recruitment process, which he coordinated.
John understands the difference between sourcing, coordination and recruiting and excels in all areas.
You can trust that he'll ask the right questions of both employer and recruit.
This period was for him a great experience in coordinating the recruitment process.
He goes above and beyond to quickly coordinate interviews and get feedback thus shortening the recruiting cycle time.
John is a very effective recruiter and he is able to understand what a client is looking for and recruit accordingly.
John has been an exceptional asset to his organization's recruitment platform.
This makes him an extremely valuable asset to our recruiting organization.
Because of this, he doesn't waste a lot of your or the recruiter's time.
He also did something that a lot recruiters simply don't, he listened.
John stepped in to coordinate recruiting efforts at a time of intense growth of our company.
John went above and beyond what you would think a recruiter is expected to do for clients.
He always goes out of his way to help him clients, candidates and fellow recruiters.
When it comes to recruiting and understanding his client's needs there is no equal.
And after him recruitment, we got good feedback about him from the client.
Previous to that, he was his recruiter that placed him with a client of his.
He uses this and the needs of his clients to match recruiting companies.
John client would be more than pleased with his recruiting efforts.