Recruiting Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Recruiting Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is a great recruiter and wonderful manager who helped me blossom as a recruiter.
John was my first manager out of university, and taught me the basics of recruitment.
He was also also very capable of managing end to end recruitment when there was a need.
John is an excellent recruiter who collaborates well with hiring managers.
I would highly recommend him for any management or recruiting position.
His ability to manage candidate expectations and recruiting manager expectations was excellent.
John is an extremely capable recruiter that manages the expectations of his clients (both managers and recruits) so that they are never left in the dark.
John is very experienced in recruiting and managing recruitment businesses.
John is a very dedicated, hard working and effective recruiter and recruiting manager.
He understands his hiring manager needs, and also seems to make the right decisions on those he recruits.
He recruited me for the first summer and managed me directly for a year.
John manages and mentors others recruiters on the team and always made recruiting to onboarding seamless.
He is a world class recruiter and an excellent recruitment manager which is a rare combination.
John's years and experience in staffing, has made all of us better recruiters and those in management, better managers.
John has managed my recruitment well to proactive update of each stage of the recruitment process.
He excelled in all areas of recruiting, recruiting management, operations and people management.
John is an excellent people manager when it comes to recruitment and selection.
John was an excellent recruitment manager and partnered with me during my search.
He helped me to understand myself better and how to tell my story to have an impact on recruiting managers.
John has taught me, and all of our hiring managers, what recruiting with excellence really means.
John is a tremendous recruiting manager, he went above and beyond helping me get my new role.
John's enthusiasm and passion for recruiting is evident in everything he does as a manager.
He was always upbeat and very well qualified for the recruiting manager position he held.
He is able to recruit for all positions and understands the needs of hiring managers.
He is the quintessential recruiter that every manager can use as their secret weapon.
John was my recruiting manager, and was very good at finding excellent candidates.
John is a first class recruiter who has made an amazing transition into management.
We managed to turn around our recruitment situation very quickly thanks to his help.
Alongside he managed to keep our recruiting requirements up to the required level.
John was the recruitment manager who oversaw the fulfillment of my current role.
John is not only a great recruiter, but he has also been a great manager.
He is a well-grounded and down to earth recruitment manager and colleague.
He is gifted with the ability to effectively manage recruiting processes.
He is an excellent recruiter, great at client management and also effective at recruiting and closing candidates.
The John company would be lucky to have him manage their recruiting function.
I have managed many of the clients he recruited, and some were the most successful in the company.
John's passion for recruiting translates well to both the candidate, and the hiring manager.
John was a great manager who was respected by everyone in the recruiting organization.
His dedication to recruiting for his hiring managers is evident in every interaction.
John is one of those recruiters, with whom managers were dependent to hire big numbers.
John was my first line manager in recruitment, and in many ways is still the best.
John knows his stuff & can manage a recruitment drive entirely on his own.
He effectively manages his own workload as well as directed traffic for the recruiters he manages.
John is a professional in the field of recruiting and recruiting management.
The recruiting was fast and reliable thanks to his abilities, to manage a recruiting process.
John was proactive in providing both managers and myself updates on his recruiting progress.
It is no surprise that he is now in a position to manage and teach others how to recruit.
John is highly effective in all aspects of his job as recruiting manager.
He has the out most respect of the recruitment team, management and his candidates.
John has empathy for the recruiter and the hiring manager and both have a greater appreciate for the other after going through one of his sessions.
I am truly thankful for all that he has taught me and highly regard him as one of the best out there in terms of recruiting management.
I felt very fortunate to have him as my recruiter because he was very proactive to connect between me and the hiring manager.
John took on some very challenging recruiting assignments, and was always responsive to the hiring managers' requirements.
He is well liked by everyone and is very effective in his recruitment manager role with consistent positive results.
He knows the candidate well, so that he can give advice for the recruiters as well as manage candidates expectation.
John has clearly been very successful in the recruitment world, yet managed to keep his feet firmly on the ground.
I believe those who choose to enlist his expertise in their recruitment and management efforts will be fortunate.
As such, he oftentimes can be a hiring manager himself when it comes to approving candidates from his recruiters.
He's capable of truly digging in and understanding him hiring managers and their recruitment needs.
Most importantly, he taught me to put myself in the shoes of recruiters and hiring managers.
John managed to get him an interview where two other recruiters had failed.
Him recruiting techniques are always admired recruiters and he manages clients so well by going extra miles.
More importantly, those who we recruited for him all had the same great things to say about his management style.
His management style is such that he was very well-liked by the recruiters, yet he was amazingly effective
John is an outstanding recruiter who strives to deliver nothing but the best to him managers.
He knows how to recruit; and he is dedicated to him hiring managers and candidates.
He is one of his favorite hiring managers because he took recruiting very seriously.
His bandwidth to recruit and manage various requisitions at once is unbelievable.
Him modus operendi is different to those monotonous recruitment managers.
His management style brought out the best in recruiters at all levels.
He is an energetic, passionate, recruiter and an excellent manager
As a recruitment manager, he is very approachable and very open.
John managed the recruitment of qualified lawyers into his group.
He has a solid background in recruiting as well as management.
Him hiring managers, also, commend him for recruiting efforts.
He is a great help when he managed his recruitment in our company.
John is the recruiting manager that brought him to our company.
John always went above and beyond to ensure that the recruitment relationship was well managed.
Not just the hiring managers, but the very talent he recruited.
His knowledge of recruiting and management, made him very successful.
John didn't just recruit people for him, he managed the whole relationship.
John successfully managed his recruitment with his preferred employer.
John is a tremendous recruiter who independently managed the highest volume recruiting need at our company.
Him the ability to self-manage his time and priorities, make him an easy recruiter to trust and manage from afar.
He is of his most sought after recruiters by just about every hiring manager, he came in contact with.
He knows recruiting and is passionate about putting the best candidates before hiring managers
This is because he always takes the time to find out what makes the recruiting manager tick.
John's management style provided him with the opportunity to grow in the recruiting chair.
John comes with immense potential to manage every aspect of recruitment efficiently.
John is an effective manager and recruiter who would add positively to any culture.
Simply put, when it comes to management and/or recruitment he is the bee's knees.
His approach to recruitment and friendly nature makes him any manager's delight.
John manages the recruiting life cycle from the requisition to onboarding
John excels at recruiting smart self-starters who require little management.
John is challenging and inspiring manager, and a very effective recruiting
As a recruiter he is trustworthy and he will surely manage your expectations.
He is able to manage his current recruits while trying to add new employees.
Now some of his recruits have reached to top management level in the group.
Both were exceptional recruiters and were key to his success as a manager.
His perspective is unique having been a successful manager and recruiter.
He manages stakeholder, prospects, recruiters with tact and humour.
John is a fantastic manager, recruiter and all round good egg.
Maki recruited him into our company and was his manager for a number of years.
John managed the relationship very well and always kept him up to date on the progress of the recruiting.
John goes to the top of his list as manager when looking to recruit new talent.
John effectively managed relationships with sponsors and recruiters.
John is an innovative and customer focused recruitment manager.
He understands technical recruiting from all sides, having served in both recruiter and manager roles.
He is instrumental in the recruitment, orientation and management of the new workforce.
John helps him recruit in the digital space and makes our lives (him and other hiring managers) so much easier when it comes to recruitment.
This guide our recruitment strategy and deservedly given him a reputation as a top recruitment manager.
When it came to recruiting he knew how to manage his time and get the job done.
John left his management position to focus on reseller recruitment.
John manages a high volume of recruitment and is fully involved in the selection with hiring managers.
John's knowledge within recruitment is astonishing, he has the answer to everything related to recruitment.
He always delivered, and the managers he supported really liked him and wanted him to be their recruiter.
As his manager for recruitments, he was always very receptive and supportive of his ideas.
He is well respected by the managers he supports and the candidates he recruits.
He supported him in all aspects of employee recruitment and management.
He managed this because, unlike other recruiters, he understands risk management and the various cultures that banks exhibit.
As a recruiter, he is both empathetic and well respected by both candidates and hiring managers.
His abilities to manage employees and recruit qualified candidates has always been impressive.
All of it makes him to be a valued recruitment manager deserving the highest recommendation.
John is a very effective manager with innovative ideas and he is an excellent recruiter.
His ability to recruit while keeping track of management responsibilities was very good.
He's also a seasoned recruiter and always manages to deliver the most difficult roles.
John is an accomplished recruiter who managed an extremely high volume of vacancies.
He is a smart recruitment manager who believes in delivering the best.
John hired and managed a strong group of recruiters and sourcers.
John is his hiring manager who recruited him for his very rich two year tenure at our company.
John is an intelligent, dedicated and personable recruiting manager and he has had much success in recruiting all over the world.
He's also really adept at recruiting, assessing, and managing other recruiters, and built a strong team at our company.
He has trained these recruiters and the hiring managers very effectively.
He knows how to recruit, train and manage all types of personnel.
John's passion for recruiting and talent management shine through in all that he does.
John also prioritises talent management, taking the time to get recruitment right.
He interfaces appropriately at all levels: management, recruiters and talent.
John really takes a hands-on approach to recruiting, and instantly shows his strong ability in managing him recruitments.
He works with the recruiting organization well and provides a full brief to the candidate and recruiter.
John has an excellent knowledge of recruitment and what it takes to become a successful recruiter.
Somehow, he does all of this at the same time he reports to upper management and recruits for his own positions.
John directly managed him and taught him new methods of recruitment in the commercial sector.
He is really the type of recruiter that a hiring manager wants to partner with.
He is a tenacious recruiter and has managed senior positions as well as volume recruitment campaigns.
John's knowledge of what recruiters are looking for is unmatched.
His ability to recruit difficult positions while managing the expectations of all the managers that he supported was impressive.
John managed all this while successfully filling positions and supporting the hiring managers he recruited for.
John is an outstanding recruiting manager and will far surpass all expectations of future employers.
John has helped make his job search easier as he knows many recruiters and hiring managers.
Him the ability to recruit and interview qualified management candidates is excellent.