Recruiting Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Recruiting Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He gets it and wants to go beyond merely recruiting.
John is the recruiter you wish every recruiter was.
He knows how to get the most out of his recruiters.
He is a better recruiter than most recruiters.
John is the best of the best in recruiting.
He goes above and beyond for him recruits.
John is one of my best recruitment.
He is by far one of the best recruiters.
Combined with his recruiting skills it makes him a phenomenal recruiter.
John was very thorough and efficient in his recruitment skills.
John is a very skilled professional recruiter.
His recruitment skills are really adoptable.
John is very skilled in recruiting arena.
He is exceptional in his recruiting skills.
These skills are critical to recruiting.
His recruiter skills are second to none.
I appreciate his HR and recruitment skills.
As a recruiter, those he recruits love him and not only want him to recruit them, but also want to be his friend.
Working with him again would be beyond ideal - he would be one of the first to recruit.
When it comes to recruiting and the recruiting process, there are few as knowledgeable.
He goes above and beyond what all other recruiters do for their candidates.
He is always there if you need any kind of help regarding recruitment.
I still consider him to be one of the best recruiters in the market.
Many of our employees say the same thing, after being recruited.
John handles all of the recruiting for us and even recruited me.
Hugh is the kind of recruiter you wish all recruiters were like.
I don't think you can say much that is best about a recruiter.
John is one of the best all around recruiters in the business.
John is the perfect recruiter for all your recruitment needs.
I will look forward to using him to recruit for my own company.
I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for recruits.
Nobody knows more about where recruitment is going - nobody.
He knows recruiting and the recruiting process inside and out.
He really goes above and beyond what any other recruiter does.
Thank you so much for the help with recruiting our two cadets.
John will always be one of my little go-to recruiting suppliers.
I've used other recruiters and have not had the same results.
He cares about the recruiting industry and how one recruits.
John is one of the few recruiters who truly knows his field.
John is definitely one of the best recruiters in the market.
He is one of the most thorough and professional recruiters.
He's exactly what recruiters look for out of their leader.
Presently focused on recruitment and diversity recruitment.
John is among the best recruiters that have come across.
John is an extraordinary recruiter and recruitment leader.
This is one recruiter you definitely want in your network.
I believe he is one of the best in the recruitment field.
Many of us don't appreciate the real value of recruiters.
I would definitely recommend using him as your recruiter.
He is always willing to help with my recruiting efforts.
John is someone you must have on your recruitment team.
The recruiting industry needs more recruiters like him.
John is one of the very best recruiters in the industry.
He is far and away the best recruiter in my experience.
He may not know it, but he's an excellent recruiter.
John is one of those recruiters that is very driven.
He is known as someone who can recruit talent for niche skills.
He listens well, forms strong relationships and uses both of these skills as the foundation for his recruiting skills.
John's excellent people skills and recruiting skills have provided him with a great job.
He is a skilled person with good convincing and recruiting skills.
John recruitment skills and excellent delivery are just some of the skills that have made him a very successful name in the recruitment industry
It is good to see that he is using his skills to help organizations recruit the right people
He is able to recruit the right people with the skills we need, when we need them.
Roane's dedication and people skills make him an excellent recruiter.
His technical skills are beyond superb and his recruiting skills equaled mine.
His people skills and his ability to multitask give him all the required skills to be an excellent recruiter.
John is very new to the recruitment industry, but he has all the skills to be a very good recruiter.
At the end of the day, if a skillful candidate gets contacted by many recruiters, he could neglect proposals from some recruiters because they couldn't find anything special in what the recruiter said.
He will help you prepare for your interview using his amazing recruitment skills.
John helped him with his own leadership, interview and recruitment skills.
John also has excellent human skills that not many recruiters have.
He always followed up with him, which is something you don't see more often these days in recruiting.
John's skill with knowing what recruiters and companies are looking for has transformed his profile.
John's responsibilities were wide ranging and his skills are certainly not limited to recruitment.
John's recruiting skills go above and beyond today's standards with success as the only option.
He continued to contact recruiters until he found a match for someone looking for his skills.
From the start, it was apparent that he had the natural skills and passion for recruitment.
John has proven to have all the required skills needed to be successful at recruiting.
Him performance with regards to him recruiting skills are consistently above average.
John is a great recruiter who will fight for you if he is confident in your skills.
The skills he posses in regards to sourcing and recruiting are phenomenal.
John is a very dedicated employee whose recruiting skills are very strong.
Nargis is a recruiter that is skilled, tenacious, dedicated to his craft.
His recruiting skills are top notch on all levels within an organization.
He has great leadership skills and is a fantastic all round recruiter.
John isn't your ordinary recruiter matching skill sets to positions.
He is a well experienced recruiter and has good skills in that.
John's professionalism and recruiting skills are outstanding.
Innogistic as at our company have preferred to use his recruitment skills ever since.
His great communication skills are an addition to his skillful recruiting strategy.
He is an extremely skilled recruiter; he helped him close some of the most critical positions with niche skill set.
His networking skills and client satisfaction skills make him an effective recruiter.
Him clients all seem to rave about him excellent recruiting skills.
John has proven himself to be a talented and skilled recruiter.
He is a fine and excellent recruiter back then, but he has evolved and uses his skills he gained in recruitment, in a new direction.
He understands that soft skills are just as important as hard skills in recruiting an employee in an organization.
A skilled and savvy recruiter, he instilled the recruiting, mindset and processes we still use and follow today.
His negotiation skills are exceptional as recruiting him in the first place was very difficult.
John is a skilled recruiter who has found the most suitable people to our team/company.
John's recruitment strengths are complemented by him demonstrated leadership skills.
He is a very good recruiter, determined, skilled and competent.
His recruitment skills are very thorough and there is hardly any requirement that he would not take up; he has worked very extensively on a lot of skills.
Undoubtedly he is his mentor who has equipped him with some excellent recruitment skills.
He has an exceptional engagement and analytical skill in recruitment.
Having solid recruiter skills and knows the recruitment process cold, he is a good resource for any recruiter reporting into him.
He is an excellent recruiter that understands the full life cycle of recruiting.
A recruiting firm would be lucky to have his qualities and skills.
He asks questions about the vacancies we ask him to recruit four to make sure he knows of any particular skills or experience we're looking for.
John is an excellent recruiter - he follows through on what he says he will do and his candidate care skills are second to none.
Unlike other recruiters, he will forward your resume to only the companies where your skill set matches their requirements.
If you are looking for a recruiter willing to go the extra mile, you could do far worse than using his considerable skills.
John is an innovative recruiter who makes sure that both him candidate/client are happy with his skill set matches.
John is a skilled recruiter who truly values the needs of the individuals he's placing, not merely the bottom line
His own recruiting skills are obviously top notch from his own background, of course, but he never stops there.
His recommendation focuses solely on his recruiting skills, because that is where he helped him out the most.
His skills in recruitment, and to deal with tensions both with tact and rigour has been most appreciated.
John focuses on the individual's skills and aspirations then matches those to the recruiter needs.
His skills and attitude towards recruitment would be beneficial to any forward thinking organization.
This, coupled with his skills and experience, enable him to be an exceptionally effective recruiter.
His recruiting style was always tenacious and focused, and his leadership skills were outstanding.
As a new recruiter, he took him under his wing and gave him the skills that caused him to become better.
John has an excellent attitude and great follow up, he is skillful and experienced in recruitment.
John brought his recruiting expertise to the territory along with his strong leadership skills.
John organization that was able to recruit his skills and abilities would be lucky to have him.
John is a skilled, thoughtful, thorough and diligent recruiter for the companies he represented
John's follow through and excellent interpersonal skills allow him to excel as a recruiter.
John comes out as a very seasoned, highly skilled, trustworthy and accomplished recruiter.
John's sense of urgency and refined recruitment skills made the assignment very enjoyable.
He has strong recruitment skills and is great at establishing rapport with the candidates.
John is the ideal recruiter; headstrong, persistent and has phenomenal follow up skills.
John is a very skilled recruiter who helped him immensely in the way to a new assignment.
The skills and knack he possesses bring about success in his recruiting endeavors.
He is diligent, consistent, fast paced, and has an excellent recruiting skill.
He truly understood his unique skill set in a way that most recruiters do not.
John's recruiting and sourcing skills are current, relevant, and powerful.
John's recruiting skills are exceptional from cold calling to follow-up.
He possesses both very strong strategic and tactical recruiting skills.
His skills make him a "go to" recruiter when we search for new hires.
If you ever need a skilled recruiter or headhunter, our company should be on the top of your list.
Our company his skills as a recruiter, John is just genuinely delightful to be around.
John is a skilled recruiter and has a deep reservoir of experience.
These skills have made him one of the most dependable and top performing recruiters at our company.
John showed very good recruiting skills, outstanding organizational skills, and overall great customer service throughout his recruitment and hire.
He is a skilled recruiter, and he possesses the empathy and interpersonal skills that earn the trust and respect of his colleagues.
He quickly picked up on the required skills and the soft skills needed for our high voltage recruiting needs.
His constructive criticism has definitely sharpened his recruiting skills.
John's high energy and networking ability teamed with him listening skills make him the perfect recruiter, recruiting recruiters.
John acquired very strong skills in recruitment and he is definitely a good recruiter as well as a coach.
One of the reasons he does so well in recruiting is him excellent communication skills.
All skills that translate perfectly to what he's doing now as a creative recruiter.