Recruitment Consultant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Recruitment Consultant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is by far and away the best recruitment consultant we have ever worked with.
John has profound knowledge in the whole field of recruiting and recruiting consulting.
John is quite rare - a recruitment consultant who does what he says and you can have faith in his answers.
I would definitely recommend him if my friends are in the need of consulting a recruitment expert.
I would highly recommend him to any company looking to recruit or any prospective consultants.
John is the type of consultant that makes my recruiting efforts enjoyable and worthwhile.
John is outstandingly thorough, rigorous, and effective as a recruiting consultant.
John is an extremely friendly, efficient and hardworking recruitment consultant.
His confident and friendly demeanor makes him the perfect recruitment consultant.
He recruited in a way that makes any would-be consultant feel like a Rockstar.
He is a great recruiter and really has consultants best interests at heart.
John will be missed both as a recruitment consultant and as a colleague.
I'm more than happy to recommend him as a great recruitment consultant.
John is always respectful of recruitment consultants and understands the value of recruiters in today's market.
John is a highly professional recruitment consultant with an extensive recruitment background.
He is one of the very few recruitment consultants who add a huge amount of value to the recruitment process.
John has provided the best experience from a recruitment consultant, to date.
He is not just a typical recruiting, but one who can lend himself to the term consultant.
I strongly recommend him, if you may consider to cooperate with an outstanding recruitment consultant.
Under his leadership the recruitment team went from being transactional to truly consultative.
He is not one of those recruiters that rush you off the phone because they are trying to keep their recruiting mill running.
He is a consistent and reliable recruiter which is some of the hardest attributes to find in external recruitment consultants.
I would have no hesitation recommending him to recruitment companies looking to hire or consultants looking for their next challenge.
John is one of those rare things in the world - a recruitment consultant that is interested in you and not just the fee.
John is an extremely enthusiastic recruitment consultant who is not afraid to try new ideas and think outside the box.
John has achieved a number of awards such as one of the best recruitment consultants of his division.
John not only exceeded my expectations of what a consultant can do, but what it means to be a recruiter.
John is a no nonsense recruiter that has the ability to match the consultant to the right opportunity.
He understands what it takes to be a good recruitment consultant, and provides me with the very best.
As a recruitment consultant, he is one of the best and highly respected by our colleagues globally.
John is a recruitment consultant through and through with a passion for sealing the deal.
His approach is so consultative that his contributions change the way companies recruit.
John has been an outstanding recruitment consultant, from a candidate's point of view.
He was hungry and very helpful and great combination for a recruitment consultant.
John exceeded all my expectations and gives recruitment consultants a good name.
He provides a range of courses specifically tailored to recruitment consultants.
John is a good example of a recruitment consultant, someone who's always looking out for you.
John is an impressive and highly capable businessman and recruitment consultant.
Him recruiting style is one that many recruiters should mirror in the future, because consultants and clients alike have much respect for him.
Overall, he made a seamless transition from an agency recruiter in an effective and efficient in-house recruiter and consultant.
He is one of the rare few recruitment consultants that maintains regular contact with him consultants and solicits and provides feedback throughout the course of the contract.
John also never stops trying to better himself in his profession; consulting with the best and brightest national recruiters.
John is a strong recruiter who has a great consultative approach to him work which sets him apart from other recruiters.
His professionalism, diligence and results make him the "recruiter's recruiter".
John demonstrated from early in his tenure that he was an exceptional recruitment consultant.
John is a dedicated recruitment consultant, highly consultative, well connected and dedicated to both his clients and candidates.
John is honest and professional two traits not normally associated with recruitment consultants.
John is an experienced recruitment consultant who is professional in his approach.
He is very thorough when it comes to recruiting and identifying a good consultant to meet the needs and requirements of his company.
John is thorough in his searches, interviewing and in his overall recruitment consulting with the client.
John was one of the recruiters that was handling this client and the consultants assigned to them.
John also keeps in touch - a lot of 'headhunters' and recruitment consultants don't.
John has worked his way up from being a recruiter to a consultant which is something admirable.
In theory a recruitment consultant knows the role he is recruiting for completeness, they understand the culture of an organization and the attributes of their candidates.
He demonstrated an understanding of the role, the culture and the organization he was recruited for that went beyond any of my previous experiences with recruitment consultants.
Our hospital doesn't often contract with consultants for our recruitment needs, but when we do, it is with him.
Unlike other recruitment consultants, he will only recommend you for roles where you and the company are the right fit.
He was also responsible for 'coal face' representation on all recruitments within his portfolio of recruitment.
John also bothers to keep in touch even after a successful placement which is often lacking from most other recruitment consultants.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him in his capacity as a recruitment consultant and indeed for any other position in the future.
John recruited more people than any other recruiter on the team.
His previous experience with the recruitment consultants were not the best and usually didn't follow up after the first contact.
In his experience recruitment consultants can be transactional, frozen and often don't know their stuff.
John truly is much more than a recruitment consultant, he goes above and beyond the usual & expected.
He provides a service which is above and beyond any other recruitment consultant.
That experience probably shaped his approach to being a recruitment consultant.
As a candidate, he's the recruitment consultant that you want to hear from.
John joined our company as a consultant with recruiting responsibilities.
He definitely ticks all the boxes of a high end recruitment consultant.
John is a highly experienced consultant in all recruitment sectors.
John is the type of consultant a recruiter dreams of finding.
Our company experiences with recruitment consultants are not often experienced, but John is an exception.
We are a generalist recruitment consultancy based on our company.
John is an excellent recruiter of our company consultants and would be an asset to any company
John recruited him into his current position as a consultant for our company.
During his relationship with him as a recruiter and consultant, he was very responsive to his needs and requests.
John looked after him customers' very well, and was an accomplished recruitment consultant.
John recruited him for a consulting position at one of his clients.
Since then, our company is our partner and consultant for all recruitment solutions.
He's the only recruitment consultant we've worked with listens to what we want.
In fact, he has changed his opinion on recruitment consultants entirely.
Our company, Shayma became the formal mentor for new consultants and was actually recruiting almost all of them.
His recruiting process is organized and consistent, as well as consultative.
Him network is impressive, and he is an excellent consultant and recruiter.
His understanding of recruitment and recruiters is invaluable in providing our consultants with scenarios and training that they can actually use.
He has since become his trusted consultant for his recruitment needs, and results have shown consistent across the years.
John is a great recruitment consultant in that he takes time to get to know his contractors/account/customers.
John shortlisted him in a role that perhaps few recruitment consultants would have had the courage to do so.
Everything you would expect from recruitment consultant, looking forward to using his services again.
Ash took over all conversations with recruitment consultants, relieving him of lots of annoying calls.
John is an exceptional recruitment consultant who exceeded his expectations every step of the way.
John goes a long way to removing some of the stigma surrounding recruitment consultants.
He is a great example of what makes a great and successful recruitment consultant.
He is a very efficient and helpful recruiter that cares about us him consultants.
Our company, John was performing recruitment for some major consulting firms.
He is the such talented consultant and he can see the goal of the initial consultation.
He has helped many companies move forward with his talent for recruitment and consulting.
He stands out in the recruitment market as an extremely professional recruitment consultant.
What has impressed him beyond the team consulting and recruiting is his dedication beyond the hire.
John is very customer focused; not only to his clients but to the consultants he recruits.
John is, without doubt, the most experienced and knowledgeable transparent recruitment consultant.
He adds serious value not just in recruiting, but in advice, knowledge and free consultancy.
His partnership approach provides a refreshing change in recruitment consultancy.
He is a recruiting consultant at the time we worked together.
John worked with him to recruit experienced consultants into roles in our company.
He learned most tips & tricks of the recruiting consultant job.
They found him to be thorough, knowledgeable, and consultative.
John provided recruiting support as a consultant to us last year when our recruiting volume skyrocketed at unprecedented levels.
John is a very proactive recruitment consultant and got him two interviews with two very relevant companies.
John is one of those recruitment consultants you can trust to do a great job again and again.
Highly polished in his approach, he is the model of a successful recruitment consultant.
John knows everything there is to know about recruitment, but more importantly, he knows how to pass this knowledge onto his trainees and consultants.
He knows his market inside out and this venture will soon become the go-to recruitment consultancy in the area.
He is also very consultative with regards to the solutions he recommends.
John is an excellent recruitment consultant who always tried to answer our needs as fast as he can but with delivering an excellent result
John proved himself to be an exceptional recruitment consultant and was clearly very keen to ensure the role was the right one for him.
John is a rare breed amongst recruitment consultants as he actually returns your calls and nothing is too much bother.
He is not only taking time to understand your needs to be a successful recruitment consultant, but he can show you the way.
Although this seems a pretty basic approach for any recruitment consultant, his own experience indicates otherwise.
It is this positive attitude that has seen him switch seamlessly into his new role as a recruitment consultant.
John delivers exactly what you want from a recruitment consultant and so seldom get - real added value.
From his experience dealing with a number of recruitment consultants he really stands out from the crowd.
His tenacity, ability to listen and willingness to consult, combine to make him an excellent recruiter.
His success with these companies was testament to his individual ability as a recruitment consultant.
Extremely professional, responsive and open, he stands out amongst recruitment consultants.
As a recruitment consultant, he had brought in unique ideas to tackle difficult assignments.
John is the epitome of an outstanding professional recruiting and placement consultant.
Provided a first rate recruiting consultant service, the best in his experience.
Clients also value his consultative approach and this has seen him transform the way they think about talent and social recruiting.
It has shown him that there really are recruitment consultants out there that care about their customers and their candidates.
John is an exceptional recruiter who is focused on the happiness and success of his consultants and customers.
Him dedication, not only to clients, but also consultants puts him one step ahead of other typical recruiters.
He understands recruiting and maintains diligent contact with his consultants and customers.
John is a tenacious recruiter who always performs his best for both client and consultant.
John's consultative experience would be an asset to any organization.
John is his first consultant and he performed beyond his expectations.
He will be an asset to any company that calls on him for consultation.
He took him through consultancy innovative and best practices.
He is the ideal consultant to work with if you are him recruiter as he is the one interview hire.
His personality always shines through and he is such a credible recruitment consultant.
This is because he really values the service of recruitment partners and he always makes time to provide recruitment consultants with feedback and advice.
Over the past couple of years, he helped him to recruit a few senior level consultants into the consulting organization.
His passion for recruiting, consulting, and leading shines through in everything he does.
John comes from a consulting background, so he approaches customers like a consultant.
In his opinion and having dealt with many recruitment consultants over the years, he really is the best in our business.
John broke the recruitment consultant mould for us - by first finding out about the environment any potential recruit would be coming in, then finding someone who would fit.
While there he was of great value in recruiting consultants with the expertise needed for our practice area.
His knowledge of the global consulting sector, and recruitment into that sector, is second to none.
John is a well-respected recruiting consultant both in the "cleared" and commercial sectors.
He worked as a consultant to our company from a recruiting perspective.