Recruitment Industry Performance Review Phrases Examples

Recruitment Industry Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

He cares about the recruiting industry and how one recruits.

The recruiting industry needs more recruiters like him.

John is one of the very best recruiters in the industry.

John is the recruiter you wish every recruiter was.

He is a better recruiter than most recruiters.

John is a dedicated recruiter that knows his way around the recruitment industry.

He gets it and wants to go beyond merely recruiting.

He knows how to get the most out of his recruiters.

John is the best of the best in recruiting.

John has it all when it comes to recruitment.

He goes above and beyond for him recruits.

John is one of my best recruitment.

He is by far one of the best recruiters.

John has the potential to go all the way in the recruitment industry.

He is in the hands down one of the best recruiters industry.

John was responsible for my recruitment into the industry.

He knows recruiting and he knows he's an industry expert.

He knows the industries for which he recruits very well.

This is often unheard of in the recruitment industry.

John knows the recruiting industry inside and out.

John is exceptional in the recruiting industry.

He is built for the recruitment industry.

There are many recruiters in our industry, but there is only one John.

John handles all of the recruiting for us and even recruited me.

John is the perfect recruiter for all your recruitment needs.

He knows recruiting and the recruiting process inside and out.

Presently focused on recruitment and diversity recruitment.

John is an extraordinary recruiter and recruitment leader.

A pleasure to have recruited and to recruit for.

Anybody looking to recruit or be recruited in marketing couldn't ask for any more but ask for John.

If John is either recruiting for you or you're being recruited, he is one of the best.

I have been recruited by John and also to help me recruited others.

I wish more recruiters took John's approach to recruiting.

I would certainly use John again if I was looking to recruit or be recruited.

I have been both recruited by John and also used John to recruit.

He is a chameleon when it comes to recruiting; he can recruit for anything, any group/Dept, or any industry.

He would make an excellent recruiter for any industry as he has a diverse background in the recruiting industry.

Working with him again would be beyond ideal - he would be one of the first to recruit.

He goes above and beyond what all other recruiters do for their candidates.

He is always there if you need any kind of help regarding recruitment.

I still consider him to be one of the best recruiters in the market.

I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for recruits.

He really goes above and beyond what any other recruiter does.

John will always be one of my little go-to recruiting suppliers.

I've used other recruiters and have not had the same results.

John is one of the few recruiters who truly knows his field.

John is definitely one of the best recruiters in the market.

He is one of the most thorough and professional recruiters.

He's exactly what recruiters look for out of their leader.

John is among the best recruiters that have come across.

I believe he is one of the best in the recruitment field.

I would definitely recommend using him as your recruiter.

He is always willing to help with my recruiting efforts.

John is someone you must have on your recruitment team.

He is far and away the best recruiter in my experience.

He may not know it, but he's an excellent recruiter.

John is one of those recruiters that is very driven.

He knows recruiting and knows what needs to get done.

I believe he is the best in his niche of recruiting.

John is one of the best recruiters of our company.