Recruitment Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Recruitment Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is one of the top executive recruiters and recruiting managers in the country.
John was an excellent manager to partner with and was always willing to help out with recruiting.
John is a strong recruiter that manages well every aspect of recruiting and onboarding job candidates.
He works well with both candidates and the manager's for whom he is recruiting.
John is an experienced and successful recruiter and manager who it has been my pleasure to work alongside and manage.
I would recommend him without reservations to anyone looking for an experienced recruiting manager.
John is one of the smartest recruitment choices we made from his peer in management.
He is an excellent management recruiter, whether you are an employer or candidate.
John was an awesome recruiting manager to work for and really understands the keys to success when it comes to recruiting.
I've had the privilege of working with him as a peer in both the recruiter and recruiting manager roles.
He will be a huge benefit to those looking to heavily recruit or to manage their recruiting function.
John is an excellent recruitment manager, who has innovative ideas on how to recruit and find suitable candidates for me.
He is a hands on manager that has done the role of recruiting and knows how to get things done.
This is because he always takes the time to find out what makes the recruiting manager tick.
During that time he managed the permanent placement recruiters for our company.
Him the ability to self-manage his time and priorities, make him an easy recruiter to trust and manage from afar.
John was my manager for over a year and more importantly managed me from the start of my recruitment career.
John managed the relationship very well and always kept me up to date on the progress of the recruiting.
He is one of the most experienced managers and recruiters you could ever work with.
John is so much more than a recruiting manager - he is exactly who you want to build your company.
John is an excellent recruiter who truly understands how to partner with the hiring manager.
John has demonstrated excellence in recruiting with both hiring managers and candidates.
He was instrumental in the recruitment, orientation and management of the new workforce.
John is a wonderful manager who is always well connected to the hiring manager's needs and his recruiting team.
John was our recruiting manager during a very dynamic time in our organization.
John is a very efficient recruitment manager who has brought nothing but success to the company.
He handled recruiting and interviewing of candidates together with the hiring managers.
He has all the tools, from recruiting to enablement, forecast management and more.
He was a recruiter and was respected by all levels of management in the company.
He is also an extremely sharp recruiter both in delivery himself and in managing and leading other recruiters.
He was also great at teaching other, less experienced recruiters the best way to manage the full recruitment life cycle.
He is a very experienced recruitment manager, however has always had the time to help and guild me along the way.
John is a dedicated recruitment manager who goes above and beyond for candidates, employees and colleagues.
John is genuinely one of the premier experts on volunteer recruitment and management for nonprofits.
John is one of the rare recruiters that take the time to understand manager and candidate needs.
His abilities to manage employees and recruit qualified candidates has always been impressive.
I would recommend him for any type of recruiting from light industrial to upper management.
John is a stellar recruiter and all around organizational/project management machine.
John's passion for recruiting and talent management shine through in all that he does.
John is an innovative manager in addition to being an excellent mentor and recruiter.
John was instrumental in helping us with our recruiting and talent management.
John is not only a complete recruitment expert, but a truly engaging manager.
John is an exceptional recruiting manager and working with him is always a pleasure.
He is a proven recruiter who has the ability to manage large volumes of requisitions and to recruit for very hard to fill positions.
John has my highest respect as a talented, efficient recruiting manager and recruiting process manager.
John has helped make my job search easier as he knows many recruiters and hiring managers.
He is really the type of recruiter that a hiring manager wants to partner with.
I've heard him train in both owner-manager and recruiter capacities at statewide recruiting conferences.
Hiring managers were quick to praise his contribution in recruiting for their teams.
John is an intelligent, dedicated and personable recruiting manager and he has had much success in recruiting all over the world.
John is a detail oriented recruiter who can manage all the intricacies involved with full cycle recruitment.
John was an excellent recruiter and focused not only on getting the right people into the organization, but also on improving how the whole organization managed recruiting.
John is an excellent full cycle recruiter, he does an excellent job managing both candidates and managers through the recruiting process.
John had a very diligent approach to recruiting, and was very successful in fulfilling the needs of him hiring managers.
John was always quick to respond to recruiting needs and established credibility with all levels of management.
His recruiting style is respectful, ethical, and considerate of the hiring manager as well as the candidate.
John would be an amazing asset and manager of any company that is lucky enough to recruit him.
John exemplifies the epitome of dedication and character in his craft of recruitment management.
John is outstanding at recruiting and manages various related responsibilities effectively.
He moved into the recruiting manager role - which was a much deserved promotion.
John is always there to challenge his recruits and the people he managed.
John recruit him into our company, though he was never his direct manager.
John manages and mentors others recruiters on the team and always made recruiting to onboarding seamless.
John managed a full recruiting load, but also managed the junior recruiters on the team.
Most recently, he has recruited and managed a new team member and he has come on really well under his management.
He knows very well how to manage the overall recruitment process.
He managed a large group of recruiters while still demonstrating hands-on recruiting.
John successfully recruited some of our company's most difficult positions to fill and managed four other recruiters while at our company.
He excelled in all areas of recruiting, recruiting management, operations and people management.
He understands his hiring manager needs, and also seems to make the right decisions on those he recruits.
John has been very passionate and result-oriented recruitment manager.
He recruited him for the first summer and managed him directly for a year.
John managed our outsourced recruiting efforts very effectively
John managed the recruiting during that critical growth period.
He effectively manages his own workload as well as directed traffic for the recruiters he manages.
John has proven he has successful recruiting expertise, both as a recruiter and as a people manager.
John is successful because he can manage his recruiting team and manage the customer.
Excellent recruiter and a manager who are willing to go above and beyond for his team.
John and his team have made his recruiting efforts more manageable.
John effectively schedules and manages several recruiters to maintain efficient recruiting efforts.
He is also an excellent manager, both in recruiting and retaining people.
His insights into recruiting and managing people are second to none.
John is the manager whom every recruiter would like to work with.
John is an incredibly effective people manager and recruiter.
He managed all the processes for recruiting, evaluating, and managing alliances throughout their lifecycle.
The John hiring manager is lucky to have him as a recruiting partner and any recruiter will be better for having him on the team.
All of this and it's his first time managing an entire recruiting function.
The John company would be lucky to have him manage their recruiting function.
His hands-on approach to stakeholder management, gained him the respect of recruiter, hiring managers, interviewers and his own managers.
John is someone you really want in your company: as a recruiter, he manages to directly get along with absolutely everyone.
John provided guidance to managers who had less experience in recruiting ensuring their success.
John's passion for recruiting translates well to both the candidate, and the hiring manager.
John's ability to recruit and manage an impressive faculty had to be seen to be appreciated.
In addition to his role as manager he was also one of the top recruiters in the company.
His ability in recruiting and personnel management is something to aspire to.
John is a great manager that really cared about us recruiters.
While he does manage a team of recruiters, he also recruits and source candidates himself.
John brings high energy and focused management within the recruitment arm that he manages.
He has been consistently successful at recruiting and managing clients.
John's ability to manage the hiring manager's expectations, drive the recruit through to completion is very good.
His overall people management and expertise as a recruiter and manager enabled him to excel in this role.
He knows a ton about recruiting, managing employees, and working with hiring managers.
John recruited him for our company and he was his reporting manager too, and one of the best managers with whom you can easily connect.
Mahima knows what him hiring managers want and conveys that to his recruiting resources.
He manages his team and has their respect so you don't end up with unruly recruiters.
John brought a thorough understanding of the recruitment lifecycle and excellent management of internal stakeholders, managing the recruiting managers (including himself) as diligently as the candidates.
John runs recruitment for our company and in that position he manages the full recruitment process, globally.
At the same time, he recruited four other department managers who he made feel like they were his priority.
John is an excellent people manager and when it comes to recruiting he is able to think outside the box.
His work with the channel has also been impressive both in recruitment but also management.
Part of his responsibility involved the recruiting and managing of student ambassadors.
His dedication to recruiting for his hiring managers is evident in every interaction.
He will definitely keep you right, beyond a recruiter and more like a career manager.
John knows his stuff & can manage a recruitment drive entirely on his own.
John is also superb at managing call out days and new partner recruitment.
This is reflected in his successful appointments as a recruiting manager.
This helps him in recruitment but also helps him as a manager of people.
He is an exceptional recruiter, but also a fantastic mentor and manager.
As a recruiter he was hands on with and responsive to hiring managers.
John consistently recruited top people into his cadre of managers.
He taught him a lot about recruiting and how to manage people.
He then recruited and led a team to recruit and manage the initial set of partners.
John knows how to partner with hiring managers, recruiters and senior management keep us on all on track.
He managed a team of recruiters and provided recruiting consultation to a recruiting organization successfully.
Professionally, he has effectively managed the whole recruitment process smoothly.
He manages him recruiters, understands the process and does not miss anything.
He then manages the recruitment process through to a successful conclusion
John manages diligently all aspects of the recruiting process.
John's management of his recruiting process for our company was superb.
It is no surprise that he is now in a position to manage and teach others how to recruit.
John is a "get the job done, no nonsense" recruiting manager.
John always manages to have a genuine smile on his face and in his voice, which is an asset in recruiting because you are selling the company when you recruit.
John's management team was well recruited and highly motivated.
In addition, he was able to manage the details that go along with recruiting which can be tedious.
John managed to surprise him by blowing his previous experiences with recruiters out of the water.
He understands and manages full life cycle recruiting very well and always follows up.
He is a very organized recruiter and was always one of our top performing managers.
As a recruiting manager, this has saved him an extensive amount of time.
John took the time to manage his recruitment requirement professionally.
He not only manages and mentors other recruiters, but also finds time to run one of the most successful recruiting desks in our company.
He has been in the industry for many years and he knows what works and what doesn't when it comes to recruiting and recruiting management.
He's passionate about recruiting and it clearly shows in the way that he manages his customers and recruits the best and brightest talent to the organization.
He is as intuitive in his recruiting as he was capable of managing even the most difficult client.
An incredibly efficient recruiter, he always manages to please both the clients and candidates.
He is a strong recruiter with just the right mix of client management.
He would volunteer to help others who might have fallen behind in their recruiting efforts.
This was evident by his way of screening us for the internship recruitment.
He has provided excellent counsel on matters relating to recruitment and management.
John always did an exemplary job of managing his people, as well as a recruiter.
John thoroughly understands candidate management, client management and full cycle recruitment from a hands-on and management perspective.