Regional Account Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Regional Account Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He has been one of the top account reps in our region for years.
John's assistance towards key account management and towards managing regional accounts has been greatly received.
John was one of our top guys in the region, delivering some of the biggest accounts.
His ability to manage cross-regional requirements makes him ideal for dealing with global accounts.
He is one that not only has eyes for details, but also has a holistic view in regional account management.
I was also once a buyer for one of the largest accounts in his region.
He had one of the toughest regions to manage with the highest call volume and more challenging accounts.
John managed the regional accounts with a personal high sensitivity and attention to every specific account.
He was very effective in this role and well respected by colleagues and management across the region.
Working under his regional and global management and leadership was more than privileged to me.
With his help we managed to deliver some very impressive deal closures in the region.
His reputation is tremendous as his name continues to surface in numerous accounts throughout the region.
He definitely helped energize regional growth within several of global enterprise accounts.
At one point, he had responsibility for account satisfaction, and contract renewal for key accounts in the mid Atlantic region.
John was a great manager and he has shown great leadership within the region.
As an account manager, he quickly embraced his new role to finish his first year as one of the top performers of the region.
He has re-defined how powerful regional media can be outside of the region.
John was successful in demonstrating his ability to hunt and farm the accounts in his region.
He inspires his regional managers with the drive to achieve and the ability to excel.
His regional exposure is definitely a plus for any regional recruitment opportunities.
John has the ability to quickly create an atmosphere of trust and accountability that inspired everyone in his region to want to do better.