Regional Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Regional Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is recognised to be the best in him region at what he does both with him management and his partners.
He took over our region after an abrupt change in management.
He managed to help in the expansion of new verticals and new geographical regions.
John's guidance and leadership are appreciated by every manager in his region.
John took over a two region's that had historically been poorly managed.
At the time, he was the responsible regional partner/reseller manager.
John managed a region that was understaffed, and made it successful.
John managed many regions across the globe in several time zones.
John managed our fastest growing and most progressive region.
Our company was the number one John manager in his region every month.
The region support was tremendous and prompt not only for him, but his managers throughout our region.
Under his leadership the eastern region has exceeded regional quota's and all management expectations.
Besides that, he has been just plain good at what he did, which was to engage managers in his region.
All this for him was quite crucial, especially when his regional bosses and he gave him the opportunity to go into management.
Not only did he over achieve in this position, but he was given additional regional responsibilities/territories to manage.
Still wonder how he manages his time with the regional responsibilities as there is nothing pending at his side.
Working under his regional and global management and leadership was more than privileged to him.
He pursues his challenges with enthusiasm which is why he managed the region effectively.
With his help we managed to deliver some very impressive deal closures in the region.
He managed one of the largest, most diverse and most successful regions in the company.
He managed all the boutique's transactions very smoothly in the entire region.
John managed all aspects of the company's regional reinsurance arrangements.
It's no surprise, the region's results greatly improved under his management.
John, we managed to achieve extraordinary results in our region.
Over the years, he has proven himself as a great regional manager.
As a regional manager, his territories saw unprecedented growth.
He managed regional request effectively and delivered on time.
Within his group at our company, he managed more regions and groups than anyone.
He could well manage customers from diverse regions across the world.
John managed him responsibilities and champions in the region very well.
He managed many branches on a regional basis very effectively.
He works well in both regional and country management capacities
John did an awesome job putting him in touch with the regional manager.
He also did a great job in managing the suppliers in this region.
John's global management experience provides him with keen insight into how to effectively manage both domestic and regional issues.
Originally starting with our group as a regional manager, he quickly progressed though the ranks to become the group manager.