Regional Marketing Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Regional Marketing Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John knows what he's doing when it comes to creating and managing regional marketing programs.
His knowledge about the region and marketing is second to none.
John is also well connected regions and can always be depended on for regional market insights and emerging trends.
He built up and managed his regional marketing team with good leadership.
The results were followed quite fast after a focused go to market effort in his region.
He was always on top of the marketing activities required by the region.
He led the marketing function, first regionally, and then globally.
He managed enablement as well as external messages successfully in local and regional markets.
John is excellent at managing and delivering marketing campaigns and events across the region.
He knows what he needs to drive the go-to-market strategy for him region and just gets it done.
I have seen him creating market & transforming regions for his organization where ever he joins.
He provided us with excellent referrals for a variety of regional markets.
John's role demands that he be authoritative yet sensitive to the marketing needs of each region he manages, which he does with great results.
I had the pleasure of working for him in several different markets throughout the west region.
Beyond managing the installed base he had to identify and win new prospects in all regional markets.
I rely on him to help my team market this region effectively.
John is exceptional at managing marketing initiatives at all levels.
He is sensitive to the uniqueness of each market and actively searches for ways to meet regional marketing needs.
He knew his market better than anyone and every single pocket of diversity in the entire region.
John was instrumental in many successful marketing activities in the region.
John is a pillar of strength in the regional marketing group.
John is one of the top three online marketing experts in the region.
He is an excellent liaison between the marketers in his region and the company at large.
John has been key to helping me achieve my marketing objectives for my region.
Time and again his foresight, determination and market insight steered us, though regional market issues, ensuring that our goals were exceeded.
John is an assertive manager with a lot of insight into the markets that he handles.
John provided the glue within a marketing organization that spanned all regions of the world.
He was always willing to take on new responsibilities to help our region, in many different ways.
He did a fantastic job in marketing, alliance and partner management and selling in his region.
John has a huge knowledge of the market, not just regional, but global.
Him analytical mindset helps formulate marketing strategies for the local and regional markets.
Through his marketing role he managed to maintain focus on the company with innovative marketing strategies.
John has headed the marketing department of the company in that region.
He demonstrated particular flair for marketing, stakeholder management, and entrepreneurship.
John is dedicated, sharp and creative with in-region marketing ideas.
Over the years, he grew into managing several different areas within the marketing organization.
He is an experienced, result-driven marketing manager, with an eye at all times to maximizing the impact of our marketing spend.
John has an incredible ability to effectively balance corporate marketing objectives with the needs and realities of regional marketing.
I recommend him for any management-level marketing position without hesitation.
He has not only demonstrated his marketing knowledge, through different routes to market; he is also able to work and collaborate as a team with corporate marketing and regional country marketing managers.
As a global and a regional marketer, he has an intimate understanding of what it takes to market successfully across complex and diverse regions, particularly in the finance sector.
John not only managed the marketing effort, but presided over many of their meetings.
John ability to understand markets, clients and regional differences in a global marketplace is unique.
John's presence on the market enabled us to make great strides in the region while having fun together.
He has a good understanding of regional markets and is extremely alliance/partner friendly.
John is a great marketer with a deep understanding of consumers in his region.
John's activities allowed the company to enter a new regional market.
He is very passionate about marketing and one of the few regional managers who are here to help, to take their share of the pain in order to drive things ahead together.
John is an experienced marketing manager with good attention to detail.
Even though it was not his region, he still persuaded, followed and came back with the right solution.
He is definitely a core member of the regional marketing team.
He has a depth of experience in the market and at the regional level.
John is an exceptional manager of people and creative marketer.
One of his major achievements at the time was the creation of a new vertical market in the region.
John is, simply put, a dynamic marketing talent for our region.
Most recently, he established marketing and loyalty programs for regions around the world.
Being responsible for the whole region, he is very effective in this role.
He was very well liked and highly respected throughout the entire region.
He ran the region as if it was his own company and did it with aplomb.
His enthusiasm and passion for the regions is one of him "trademarks".