Regional Sales Director Performance Review Phrases Examples

Regional Sales Director Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

I consider him to be one of the best at what he does in the region.
And, he accomplished this is not just in one region, yet in many, many regions world-wide.
His sales background helped the sales team to have some major wins in the region.
John is a very energetic and dedicated sales director who is always on the look out for new opportunities.
He always delivered exceptional sales performance and over achieved his region's sales goals.
All the sales directors, including myself, have benefited from his efforts.
I've watched him lead by example, both as a sales rep and regional director.
I would recommend him to take on a director and above position with regional responsibilities.
He was an obvious choice when the regional director position became available.
His personal touch is not found in very many sales directors.
John is a very knowledgeable sales director with a lot of sales experience.
He is a highly effective solutions sales person as well as sales director.
John was always willing to help other sales people in order to meet regional sales and growth objectives.
John was one of very few sales directors that actually sold and motivated there team.
He has been an incredible asset to the sales team for my regions and the sales organization overall.
John is the type of sales person that sales directors seek to hire, but, rarely get.
John is both an excellent sales director and an extremely talented salesman.
I look forward to seeing the further impact he will make in this region, and beyond.
The course he conducts has become the best value-for-money won in the region.
He is very appreciated by all of our colleagues in the region.
John's contribution to the regional needs was always welcome.
I had the pleasure of working with him for eight years and he was my regional director for two of those years.
John was an attentive sales director and worked well with us as his client.
John took his job very seriously and always maintained focus on driving sales for his region.
John is smart, effective, and a detail orientated sales director.
I can't say enough and to this day still recommend him to anyone in the region.
John was a top notch regional sales director, in charge of simple to very complex deal making and maintaining.
He was always willing to help in any situation and offered examples of what others were doing in the region.
He will do whatever is needed to get the functionalities that are required for him region.
He always took it upon himself to help reach out to folks in his region on my behalf.
He was very well known, in and out of the region, as the firm's number one expert.
Sales results in the region progressed up and to the right under his leadership.
He gives of himself unconditionally and it shows in the results for him region.
I really liked that he understood the cultural differences across the regions.
I often bounce ideas off of him so we can both be successful in our regions.
Finally, we had been very successful in his regions and topped the targets.
He is very well connected in his region and always helpful to others.
He was my regional contact and was always available to troubleshoot.
He deployed them in his region with leadership and effectiveness.
These two abilities are paramount to his success in the region.
He's helped me in several different regions with diverse needs.
He has significantly contributed to the success of the region.
I recommend him for any opportunities in my region and beyond.
He has since launched four more complementary regional sites.
Smart, sharp and with a finger on the pulse of the region, he understands the region and knows how to navigate.
That's why he did so well as sales director for the geographic region where record revenue numbers were being achieved year by year.
John is a detail-oriented sales director responsible for significant revenue increases in his region.
John is a tenacious director of sales that leaves no stone unturned when pursuing opportunities.
John is a phenomenal director and resource for sales organizations.
In particular, he forged some important partnerships in the region.
He was an important and valuable member of our regional sales team.
He was delivering in his region and graciously shared that information to help me in our region.
John has an infectious enthusiasm for everything he does and along with his 'get it done' attitude makes him an incredibly effective sales director.
John also helped other new sales directors come up to speed, and he's always maintained a "company first" attitude.
John is an experienced sales director who is at the cutting-edge of biometric technology.