Regional Sales Executive Performance Review Phrases Examples

Regional Sales Executive Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is the consummate sales executive anyone would want to have on their team.
John is a very energetic sales executive that knows how to make things happen and get things done.
John is an extremely capable sales executive that strives to be the best at everything he does.
John is truly one of the most impressive female sales executives in the marketplace today.
John is an outstanding sales executive, him the passion and tenacity are best in class.
John has always proven himself to be a trustworthy and credible sales executive.
Because of this, he is a great sales executive and will succeed in any endeavor.
John's got an amazing insight into the minds and interests of sales executives.
I recommend him to anyone who is looking for a top-notch sales executive.
John is the definition of what a successful sales executive looks like.
John is a very bright, articulate, and very seasoned sales executive.
He is a very credible sales executive and is performance driven.
John is a results-driven sales executive, and it's reflected in the numbers he region posted last year.
John is an accomplished sales executive that knows how to build a successful sales territory.
John works well under pressure and can execute and close the sale.
John is an aggressive sales executive with exceptional integrity.
He has a keen understanding of enterprise sales and a wealth of executive connections in the region.
John is a true sales leader and has all the character traits of an outstanding sales executive.
John is an exceptional executive who combines visionary leadership with exceptional execution.
John defines executive leadership, thought leadership and execution excellence.
He has provided the ammunition that the sales team needs to execute and is an all around go to guy.
John finds a way, when most regional executives would say that just won't work.
John has the ability to give you what you need to succeed as a sales executive without getting in the way of progress.
John's ability to inspire his sales executives is undoubtedly one of his greatest attributes.
John is a straight shooting sales executive who isn't above it all to dig in when necessary.
In this highly competitive world for sales executives, he definitely stands out in the crowd.
John is fully refined and executes excellently in the "competitive world of sales".
He has and exceeds what is expected from a highly qualified sales executive.
He was much more than a sales executive, but more of a consumer advocate.
He is a dynamic individual and effective sales executive for the firm.
He is a charismatic, focused and highly driven sales executive.
John can easily step into a sales executive role when needed.
John has been a very successful sales executive at our company for some years now.
John also had great sales success and was consistently at or above his sales goals.
He is a person capable of executing on the most difficult sales plans and of motivating the best sales executives to over achieve.
I could always count on him to make executive decisions that enabled everyone to move and execute quickly.
His initiatives were thorough, well thought out and executed.
John really taught me how to prepare for and execute a sales blitz to perfection.
I truly consider him to be an exceptional business and sales executive.
John is very focused on sales metrics and measure sales performance.
John spends much of his sales career executing his objectives and obtaining top sales results and awards.
John was my top sales executive after recruiting him to handle a tough region for our company.
He is one of the very few sales executives that serve unselfishly for the better good of his teams.
He is an overall well rounded sales executive that any team would be lucky to have.
John is an asset to any sales team trying to sell to executives.
John is a seasoned sales executive who has mastered the art and science of the sale.
Always upbeat, always with a great smile, he was the epitome of the perfect sales executive.
He focuses on in top shelf sales executives so expect your competition to be tough.
John is a very dynamic sales executive with an unparalleled taste for the chase.
Not only is he a gifted sales executive, but he is also an extraordinary leader.
I find him to be a hugely energetic, highly focused sales executive.
John personifies what it means to be a world class sales executive.
He has also been relied upon to provide executive leadership during transition periods in the region.
John is an executive who creates a well thought out vision, aligns executive stakeholders, and then executes the vision to achieve tangible results.
John is the rare executive that has the innate ability to bring both leadership and execution to an organization.
He is very dependable and thorough with the execution of tasks.
He also took on the reins of execution for certain initiatives, even though it was not his responsibility.
Much has been completed and effectively executed from his leadership.
He is committed and well-focused on executing his responsibilities.
John is one of those great relationship building sales executives.