Regional Sales Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Regional Sales Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He would be a terrific fit in any sales or sales management position.
As a sales manager, he is perceptive of the needs of the dealer and how we can leverage those needs into increased sales.
John, was a key sales performer and manager of sales opportunities.
His three straight years of massive sales growth in his sales territory were unmatched by anyone in our region.
He also took on many additional duties including sales and sales management, and performed them admirably.
John is a result oriented, proven performer in sales and sales management.
John has grown into a regional sales manager based on solid sales performance and consistently exceeding expectations.
I took over his territory when he became the regional manager but it wasn't easy.
John managed a region that was understaffed, and made it successful.
John has helped our clients hire outstanding sales people, sales managers and sales leaders.
His sales management skills are exemplary, evidenced by the strong sales growth in the western region.
Besides that, he has been just plain good at what he did, which was to engage managers in his region.
He would be an asset to any sales organisation looking for effective sales management and training.
John provided us with sales training to manage and maximise our online sales effort.
He perfectly managed the regional sales team and achieved great wins.
As a regional sales manager at the time, he led by example while remaining very approachable to his reps.
From sales representative to sales manager, he has always met or exceeded his quotas.
John was a star sales representative and is now an excellent sales manager.
John's knowledge of sales management and sales strategy set him far above his peers.
John's track record as a regional sales manager speaks for itself.
John's no nonsense approach to sales management has been very effective in achieving goals and objectives within his region.
He managed one of the largest, most diverse and most successful regions in the company.
John was a solid area sales manager in a tough region of the country.
John is an extremely capable sales manager who clearly understands the sales cycle in both theory and practice.
John's professionalism and sales process management will help him in sales anywhere.
John is an experienced sales management pro, and was instrumental in helping me gain immediate traction with our sales initiatives.
John is a driven sales manager who expects results but also provides the mentoring required for sales success.
I also saw him growing from managing one part of a state for managing entire state & then finally managing region.
He is not only a precise and dedicated person, but also an inspiring regional sales manager.
John's sales and management skills enabled his region to be at the top each year.
He knows that in the end - it's that focus that translates into sales.
His sales and sales management training gave me my first insight into what has become my amazing career.
John is a very experienced sales professional, with a methodical approach to sales management and sales process.
John managed the western region for the company and enjoyed great success.
John is a very experienced sales manager who was respected as a competent business partner by the managers of the sales partners in his region.
John was the regional sales manager for one of the manufacturing companies we represented.
John managed to take a large pool of suggestions from various sales regions and encompass them into a single vision.
He is also an outstanding leader who has done an excellent job of managing his team of sales managers within the cafe and throughout the region.
Without him, we wouldn't have come close to our sales goals over the last five years.
He is truly one of those rare and conscientious sales people.
I have no hesitation in recommending him as a channel oriented sales manager for any major organisation based in this region.
He was an excellent motivator of the sales force, and inspired them to exceed their sales goals.
John is a phenomenal regional sales manager with exceptional entrepreneurial skills.
He is to the point and knows exactly how to get you thinking about the next steps for your sale.
On many occasions he went above and beyond to help with critical sales deals.
John always led with a positive attitude even when the region was down in the machine sales.
Under his leadership the sales region consistently outperformed expectations, no matter what the economy was doing.
He managed the entire budget for the region and supervised all pre and post sales activity with ease.
John has done a good job as a country manager for him region.
Having him as a regional manager for sales was motivating and a great learning experience.
John is always approachable and always willing to help strategize on improving the sales regions results.