Regional Sales Representative Performance Review Phrases Examples

Regional Sales Representative Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John had an immediate impact on my region's sales performance.
In addition, he is in charge of sales expansion into that region.
John was very respectful and professional to all his sales representatives.
John region and represents the gold standard for nonprofit leadership.
John's regions consistently produced some of our top performing sales representatives.
John could always be counted on not only to bring the results we expected (his sales region always exceeding sales goals), but also to represent our company with class and distinction.
John was responsible for all pre-sales activities within this region.
Additionally, his territory launch campaigns have been invaluable to my sales region and have correlated directly with increased sales.
In other words, he isn't one of those sales people that make the sale and move on to the next without looking back.
John was always one of our most energetic, committed, and positive sales reps in the region.
John consistently met and exceeded all sales goals for his region.
Under him, hands-on guidance, regional sales far outpaced expectations.
I would not hesitate to recommend him to any company that is looking to increase their regional sales figure.
He has not only proven success in his sales numbers, but he has been an innovator in our entire region.
Some of his sales strategies and techniques have been picked up by our other regions around the world.
He was a great initiator of sales strategies, many of them were taken over by other regions.
During his work there is a quite big sales increasing in the region.
John is one of these people who never sells, but always gets the sale.
He was often ranked in the top sales ranking not just within the store, but within the region.
He knows about sales and how to sell; however, it is not what you think.
He represented his region and area of expertise well and kept everybody informed.
He recently represented our board at a regional meeting regarding some critical issues.
He is always able to keep his region focused and continually exceeds sales goals.
Customer relationships and sales are also amongst his many strengths.
This is the foundation of any sales role, and will serve him well in whatever product he is representing.
He is an excellent speaker, and a product sales representative.
In both local and regional roles, he has been very very successful.
He wrote successful training modules for sales representative, effectively spoke at regional sales meetings inspiring and motivating other employees.
John consistently led our region in sales and helped push us to achieve our goals.
He clearly is one of the best individual contributors in our region; but more than that, our sales reps learn through his example.
John's region continued to set records in both sales growth and profitability.
Missed is working with him when he was taken other role around the region.
Johns drive and dedication contributed to our regions consistent placement as one of the top performing companies sales regions.
Having stayed and worked across the region, he is also familiar with the regional nuances and is very well connected.
John was able to successfully deploy sales strategies with stakeholders across all global regions.
He can close long, complex sales cycles as well as transaction oriented small sales.
His attention to detail is second to none and he is a trusted colleague who represents his region to the max.
He was a sales rep that always tried to represent his product accurately.