Regional Trainer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Regional Trainer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is also an excellent trainer that's why he is awarded as best trainer.
John is the trainer for the course, and made it very enjoyable.
His region was often used as an example for other regions within the our company organization.
Several of his trainees are well placed and some have even become trainers.
John is very passionate about what he does and that is what makes him an awesome trainer.
While he was an excellent trainer and well liked by all, he did much more than that.
He is fully committed to what he is doing and wants the best for him trainers.
Throughout our course he has been nothing short of an exceptional trainer.
One of the few trainers that actually kept him awake throughout the course.
Passionate and inspiring, he is the trainer you will never forget.
That's what makes him such an effective, and refreshing, trainer.
He easily gets along with all the participants and the trainer.
Not only does he know his stuff, he is an outstanding trainer.
John organization would be lucky to have him as their trainer.
We are privileged to have him as a trainer in our organization.
John came on board to our company as one of our him trainers.
When on-screen as a trainer for our website, he is one of our most well-spoken and well-prepared trainers.
Our company trainers are rare to find, but John is a great trainer.
Although we were in different regions he was always there to help and advise.
Definitely someone who is always on his shortlist across this region.
Without him we wouldn't have been nearly as successful in the region
John is certainly one of the best in our region at what he does.
We are proud to support him as one of our first and best trainers in the region.
It was through his leadership that our region became one of the most successful regions in the country.
And, he accomplished this is not just in one region, yet in many, many regions world-wide.
Pen knows his audience and knows how to get the best from them, this is invaluable from a trainer.
Continuously his participants refer to him as one of the best trainers they have ever experienced.
He used this knowledge to help each of us become the best users and trainers we could be.
In fact, among the many trainers that we've had, he is one that is the most sought after.
Like other trainer, he does not use more jargons and make it difficult for the recipient.
He always knew what to say and when to say it, which is what makes a great trainer.
John an exceptional trainer and wish him all the best in his future endeavours.
He has been an outstanding trainer and he will be an asset to any organisation.
He is a great trainer and always willing to help in any way that he could.
He's a trainer that pushes you to do your best without actually being pushy.
John took this on and was able to make the tasks easier for us trainers.
John is an outstanding trainer, who inspires others to be at our company.
As a trainer, he can make you smile and think at the very same moment.
One of the best-connected trainers, but also excellent at what he does.
John's an amazing trainer, very approachable and willing to help.
Excellent trainer, nutritionist and very dedicated to his profession.
Essentially, he is an excellent trainer and an entertaining speaker.
John is an exceptional trainer who is always dynamic and energetic.
John comes across as an approachable and friendly workshop trainer.
John is one of our top trainers and very well respected by all.
The super trainer really enjoyed the workshop and course he delivered.
It is good for the whole group and exciting for him as the trainer.
Sympathies, very experienced, he is really a trainer to recommend
So as well as knowing his subject, he was an excellent trainer.
He has his vote as the best trainer in the country consecutively.
John is really an expert trainer in all criteria's definition.
So this guy as a trainer was doing his best to make us smarter.
John is a trainer at matrix and was definitely one of the best.
He knows his subject intimately and is an accomplished trainer.
He's an amazing trainer who brings his whole self to the task.
John is an exceptionally insightful and inspirational trainer.
John definitely recommend him as a reliable trainer on the topic.
An excellent trainer who knows the pulse of his participants.
He inspired him in more ways than any trainer ever had prior.
There were hundreds of trainers and his name kept popping up.
John is an excellent trainer; definitely one of the very best from amongst the our company faculty.
John excelled as a trainer both with end-users as well as the other our company trainers, when they sought his help and found him so approachable.
Thanks for all the help you have not only given him, but the region as a whole.
The course he conducts has become the best value-for-money won in the region.
He does both equally well and has given us real value in the region.
He is very appreciated by all of our colleagues in the region.
John's contribution to the regional needs was always welcome.
He possesses a deep Rolodex of trainers and facilitators throughout the region.
He understands regional differences and how to balance regional priorities.
He also was great at listening to regional requests and regional realities.
A very committed trainer, who adds value through his interactions.
He understands very well the regional dynamics and was an outstanding partner for him in the regional