Registered Representative Performance Review Phrases Examples

Registered Representative Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

His contributions always reflect his concern for others and the organizations they represent and those he represents.
John is professional in the way he represents himself and represented our home.
He represents his customers very well, serving and representing our company interests.
He really goes out of his way to make sure he can do as much for you if he's representing you.
This would never have happened if it wasn't for who he is and what he represents.
John doesn't do or represent anything he doesn't believe in himself.
John represents the best of everything one would want in an employee.
He's has gone way beyond what any representative has even done for us.
He has such an enthusiasm for what he does, and who he represents.
You'd do well to have him representing you in the marketplace.
John represents the best of what can come from those who come up through our company.
John has been an enthusiastic representative for all the products he has represented.
He also will represent his organization in the best possible way to those inside and outside of that organization.
Basking will look out for you and look out for those he is representing without placing one above the other.
He makes everything he does him own and is highly concerned with the well-being of those he represents.
He is someone who can be trusted to do what he says he will do, just like the company he represents.
Always striving to do better and to be better for others, he is who you want representing you.
John represents the best of who we are and with whom we should aspire to be like everyday.
Each year he was either first or second out of thirty representatives across the country.
He will not only represent you well, he will actually have your best interest at heart.
He could have sold it himself, but does the right thing in were someone representing him.
He is thoughtful and considerate of others and the needs of those he represents.
This is representative of his enthusiasm for anything and everything that he does.
He always represented for him, since that moment, someone to take an example towards.
If you are lucky enough to have him represent you, consider yourself blessed.
He is always striving for the best for so many of the groups he represents.
You would be nothing but pleased with him representing your organization.
He adds value to those around him and to the organizations he represents.
He consistently represents himself and those around him with excellence.
John always had the best interests of those he represented in the mind
Am sure he is an asset to whichever organization he would represent.
He made sure we were represented and understood by all our coworkers.
John is recommended to us, but he was also representing the seller.
John would be an asset to any company that he is representing.
Whomever chooses to have him represent them would be very satisfied.
Although he did not represent him, he was very fair and understanding.
But more than anything, he believed in win and what it represented.
John organization would be lucky to have him as their representative.
That was trust well-placed, and he represented the very best of us.
John represents the very, very best that an organization can be.
He is committed to those whom he represents and is very dedicated.
He always represented him candidates well, which was appreciated.
Green delivered exactly what he represented he would provide.
Him instincts made sure that we were represented the right way.
John successfully represented him in one of his recent roles.
Due to the fact that he represents the best of so many things.
John is always a very responsive and thorough representative.
John represents both himself and his company with distinction.
He always represented our company well and was a tireless advocate for the candidates he represented.
He hasn't only represented the organization as his own, but represents himself in the most professional way any organization could ever want.
The way he represented his organisation, and what they would and would not be able to do for us was refreshing.
John represents someone who knows what their objectives are, but also knows how to achieve those objectives.
John will go above and beyond for any of his candidates and would represent any organization in the highest.
He always represents his employees accurately and this is something that can be said for very few others.
John represents the best in someone who not only has the expertise, but is willing to share it.
He will go to any length to show them the value of being represented by him or his colleagues.
He has gone out of his way to make him grateful for his position and the agency he represents.
John is always willing to put his name on the line when it came to those he represented.
John represented his company very well and was very organized in getting things started.
You will never have to worry about his conduct or how he will represent your organization.
John truly represents these attributes and goes above and beyond what is asked of him.
He clearly understands his pros and represent him in the best possible alternatives.
He can capture and represent your requirements exactly the way you want it to be.
John added value that extended far beyond the products/services he represented.
If given the chance to have him represent us again we would jump at the chance.
The sheriff is really representing an added value to any organisation when he joined.
He definitely exemplified the character that was representative of his company.
John represented himself, our agency and himself at the highest of standards.
This approach has always reassured him that his interests are well represented.
John represents the very thing that he himself finds inspiring in others.
John knows his stuff for what he does and represents good value for money.
His ability to get to know the candidates, he represents is second to none.
He has tremendous character and this is represented in everything he does.
He hasn't only represented him, he protected and encouraged him to persevere.
He stands by what he promises, what he represents and always delivers.
The organization in which he represents is every so blessed to have him.
He is very honest and ethical, and he will never represent both sides.
He hasn't only added, but makes a difference wherever he is representing.
He well represented the organization and his enthusiasm was infectious.
He connects on so many levels of interest, not just who he represents.
Should the need arise, he would be our first choice to represent us.
John represents the benchmark that all others are measured against.
He represented his interests well whilst respecting confidentiality.
Whe have totally honesty and credibility in anything he represents.
John represented the unshakable women he wants us all to become.
He even had pictures that represented each module along the way.
He represents the foundation upon which organizations are built.
His loyalty to the organization he is representing is admirable.
He comes highly recommended in whatever role he's representing.
We genuinely felt that he represented all of us in that role.
He provided great insight as to what his logo should represent.
Every homeowner would be fortunate to have him represent them.
His sense is they would welcome him as a representative again.
For him, he was one of the most-trusted and respected representatives of the our company.
He represents the company well in all he does, and is definitely an asset to our company.
John represented us very well back into our company, locally and globally.
He represented our company well always, while still being fair to vendors.
John represented the our company culture in the best possible way.
If you want to be well represented in our company, it's a must- use.
He is organized and very passionate about representing our company.
Our company is lucky to have someone like John representing them.
Obviously he represented our company's commitment to excellence.
His trustworthiness makes him the perfect our company representative.
He went above and beyond to make sure that he was representing his best interests and that of the client.
He follows through and always keeps you in the loop with clients he is representing.
John has always represented himself, to his customers very professionally
He always well represented the needs of his employees and his customers.
He represents the customer and makes sure that they get what they need.
The clients he represent known that he is very serious in his candidates.
John will always represent his customer well within the organisation.
He will go the distance and do all he can represent his clients.
He knows his clients well and represents their needs flawlessly.
John represents our company, and consequently him, very well.
If you partner with him, you will be represented by someone that will keep your best interests in the forefront.
He represents himself and his organization in the very best light possible.
Because of which he was our representative for an academic year.
He's currently representing us in the purchase of our next home.
His only regret is he is not his representative any longer because he was promoted.
Our company being, if John is representing you, it's because he sees value in you and not the commission.
He walks very well, that fine line between representing our needs into his organisation, and representing his organisation's needs.
John represents the best of the best when it comes to looking out for his employer and his clients.
He knew what it took for representatives to succeed there and he made sure we were doing everything and had what we needed to become successful.
John did it all extremely well and he made him proud and represented all concerned better than any of us could have hoped.
Perhaps one of his most endearing traits is his devotion to excellence in everything he does and everyone he represents.
Not only does he make it his mission to be an expert in whatever he's representing, but he's genuinely enthusiastic.
John is very valuable to the organization that he represents and is well respected by everyone - especially him.
Everyone will be pleased to hear of his successes going forward, unless he is representing the competition.
John more than does this, plus he adds the passion that comes from true belief in what he represents.
It begins with his dedication to the success of each of his representatives, but also the organization.
John is one of those all-too-rare folks who will only represent something if he truly believes in it.
John does not try to make him representatives into someone else; he enhances their natural abilities.
Here, not only did he maintain his strong characteristics, he brought them to his representatives.
This can be seen from his various commitments in the hall, such as his role as the block representative.
John represents the highest value and leadership that others strive for and may perhaps achieve.
There was not a situation when he was his representative that he didn't rise above the occasion.
He represents the ministry well and gets rave reviews from inside and outside the organization.
Him unparalleled commitment to excellence shines through in everything he does and represents.
He made sure all of our concerns were addressed and aligned us with the proper representatives.
Most of all, he's passionate about what the schemes represent and the opportunities they offer.
People believe in him quickly because he exudes honesty and class in all that he represents.
This meant that he had to successfully represent the needs and priorities of one to the other.
Conscientious, dedicated, and successful are only a few of the adjectives that he represents.
It represented great value for money, especially when combined with his other masterclasses.
He is smart, always on top of his brief and passionate about the issues he represents.
He represented a different organization from mine, so we had different viewpoints and needs.
John is driven toward success for both the organization he represents and his colleagues.
He answered all his queries and ensured that he represented him to the best of his abilities.
Most importantly, he is an excellent ambassador for the concern/product that he represents.
He always provides value to both the candidates, he represents and the firms that hire them.
When he had candidates, he represent them accurately and was very receptive to feedback.