Relationship Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Relationship Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

He manages relationships well with clients, colleagues, and managers.

He is adept at managing relationships and managing priorities.

John is the best of the best when it comes to customer relationship management.

I would also say that he is very good at managing relationships.

He was one of the best in managing people and relationships.

Most impressive to me was how he managed his relationships.

John managed the relationship between us very well.

He is passionate about all the relationships he manages.

He is the best in managing relationships with clients.

John also really excelled in relationship management.

He is very astute about how to manage relationships.

His skillset goes way above relationship management.

He has been doing very good relationship management.

He knows how to cultivate and manage relationships.

John is an excellent relationship manager and manages relationships with his customers extremely well.

John is an excellent relationship manager with particular strengths in managing clients.

John is excellent at managing his relationships with his clients and hiring managers.

He managed to keep excellent relationships with the client group he managed.

Well versed in managing intercompany relationships and stakeholder management.

He managed various teams of sales and relationship management staff.

John is an amazing manager, salesperson and relationship manager.

John is very high on managing tasks at the same time managing relationships.

I don't know what he's getting out of the relationship.

I really appreciate how you value the relationship.

He is also really good at managing the relationship with the all the different clients.

He has great relationships with him managers and we would have done anything for him.

I admired him for the way he managed customer relationships and partner relationship.

He has an edge over others when it comes to managing interpersonal relationship.

He also provided me with some "markers" to help manage my client relationships.

He manages relationships between stakeholders to get the best possible results.

He instilled in everyone the importance of our relationships with our managers.

But, even more importantly, the relationship management is also more difficult.

Technical know-how and relationship management are his areas of specialization.

He knows his stakeholders well and manages relationships them with dexterity.

He manages his professional relationships well, especially with his clients.

It would do him no justice, though to only see him as a relationship manager.

He was enthusiastic and adept at managing all of the various relationships.

Their relationship management is brilliant and nothing is too much trouble.

John has always been a very thorough and effective relationship manager.

He's straightforward, but knows how to manage relationships and situations.

The way he manages his relationship with various stakeholders is amazing.

John was very effective in managing our relationship with our licensor.

John has the best personality in the world for managing relationships.

John manages merchant relationships well and is well liked by his team.

He understands the value of relationships as well as time management.

Moreover, he is efficient at relationship management and negotiations.

He's just instrumental when it comes to managing client relationships.

John managed the professional relationship we had with excellence.

He manages interpersonal relationships very well at different levels.

The highlight would be his ability to manage relationships at all levels.

He would definitely make it big in customer relationship management.

He has always helped me to manage relationships with all audiences.

He managed client relationships well and always made him deadlines.

John has been greatly in the management of partner relationships.

He is particularly proactive and strong in relationship management.

John is an incisive person who knows how to manage relationships.

Excellence in mentoring and motivating and relationship management.

His relationship management and professionalism is second to none.

Very professional and yet down to earth in managing relationships.

John is really good at establishing and managing relationships.