Relationship Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Relationship Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He manages relationships well with clients, colleagues, and managers.
He is adept at managing relationships and managing priorities.
John is the best of the best when it comes to customer relationship management.
I would also say that he is very good at managing relationships.
He was one of the best in managing people and relationships.
Most impressive to me was how he managed his relationships.
John managed the relationship between us very well.
He is passionate about all the relationships he manages.
He is the best in managing relationships with clients.
John also really excelled in relationship management.
He is very astute about how to manage relationships.
His skillset goes way above relationship management.
He has been doing very good relationship management.
He knows how to cultivate and manage relationships.
John is an excellent relationship manager and manages relationships with his customers extremely well.
John is an excellent relationship manager with particular strengths in managing clients.
John is excellent at managing his relationships with his clients and hiring managers.
He managed to keep excellent relationships with the client group he managed.
Well versed in managing intercompany relationships and stakeholder management.
He managed various teams of sales and relationship management staff.
John is an amazing manager, salesperson and relationship manager.
John is very high on managing tasks at the same time managing relationships.
I don't know what he's getting out of the relationship.
I really appreciate how you value the relationship.
He is also really good at managing the relationship with the all the different clients.
He has great relationships with him managers and we would have done anything for him.
I admired him for the way he managed customer relationships and partner relationship.
He has an edge over others when it comes to managing interpersonal relationship.
He also provided me with some "markers" to help manage my client relationships.
He manages relationships between stakeholders to get the best possible results.
He instilled in everyone the importance of our relationships with our managers.
But, even more importantly, the relationship management is also more difficult.
Technical know-how and relationship management are his areas of specialization.
He knows his stakeholders well and manages relationships them with dexterity.
He manages his professional relationships well, especially with his clients.
It would do him no justice, though to only see him as a relationship manager.
He was enthusiastic and adept at managing all of the various relationships.
Their relationship management is brilliant and nothing is too much trouble.
John has always been a very thorough and effective relationship manager.
He's straightforward, but knows how to manage relationships and situations.
The way he manages his relationship with various stakeholders is amazing.
John was very effective in managing our relationship with our licensor.
John has the best personality in the world for managing relationships.
John manages merchant relationships well and is well liked by his team.
He understands the value of relationships as well as time management.
Moreover, he is efficient at relationship management and negotiations.
He's just instrumental when it comes to managing client relationships.
John managed the professional relationship we had with excellence.
He manages interpersonal relationships very well at different levels.
The highlight would be his ability to manage relationships at all levels.
He would definitely make it big in customer relationship management.
He has always helped me to manage relationships with all audiences.
He managed client relationships well and always made him deadlines.
John has been greatly in the management of partner relationships.
He is particularly proactive and strong in relationship management.
John is an incisive person who knows how to manage relationships.
Excellence in mentoring and motivating and relationship management.
His relationship management and professionalism is second to none.
Very professional and yet down to earth in managing relationships.
John is really good at establishing and managing relationships.
His strengths are in relationship management, staff management and management of complex assignments.
John managed to strike the right balance between discipline and relationship management of his subordinates.
Our company, he understands how to manage upwards and create strong relationships with Executive management.
He manages agency relationships very well and easily turns relationships into partnerships.
Though he was his manager, that the authority never came in the way of friendly relationship.
You can tell he truly wishes to add value to all the relationships that he manages.
John's leadership and management of this relationship has been second-to-none.
John tells it like it is, while still managing to keep relationships intact.
He has had interesting challenges to help manage relationships.
His relationship management, would always be remembered by him.
He also managed relationships with publishers from small to major, as well as relationships with authors.
He also was an effective relationship manager for virtually all of our strategic relationships.
John carefully and effectively managed relationships with stakeholders to appropriately manage these pressures.
Him ability to manage relationships effectively makes him an ideal manager, colleague and employee.
He a good manager and successfully manages inter-company relationships.
John is a natural manager who creates close and effective relationships with those he manages.
John is one of the best relationship managers out there, he gets things done and makes things happen even in the most challenging environments.
John always managed to get the best out of us - we would always go that extra mile because of our relationship with him as an individual.
People respect him both for how he carries himself and how he manages his relationships with others.
Basically, he knew how to manage relationships that were not always easy and how to get things done.
He managed his vendor relationship with us very well and his follow through was impeccable.
The feedback from sponsors was excellent and that was down to him relationship management.
John is responsible for managing the organization relationship and getting results.
His success can very well be attributed to his non-transactional relationship management.
And he managed to establish fruitful relationships where others before him had failed.
We're fortunate to have him manage our relationship, and would recommend him to anyone.
He is diligent, thorough and organised while also being an adept relationship manager.
John over delivers at every turn both on results and relationship management.
He managed relationships with suppliers so that they delivered on their promises.
He is able to manage them very well and had very good relationships with them.
He is also key to managing all our vendor relationships throughout his tenure.
John has established an outstanding relationship with managers and possessor.
This makes him an ideal relationship manager and an asset to any organisation.
At first, he managed him and then our relationship evolved into a mentorship.
John's approach to relationship management and follow up cannot be matched.
He manages to be straightforward while maintaining an excellent relationship
John manages relationships at our company appropriately and effectively.
His management style is effective both towards results and relationships.
As a relationship manager, he has the way with all to make deals happen.
John's ability to manage and leverage relationships is most impressive.
The management of very complex stakeholder relationships was his forte.
He manages relationships well, feeling for those who crosses his path.
Him management of vendor relationships is positive and progressive.
John firmly but reasonably manages difficult vendor relationships.
John has performed his task to his best as relationship manager.
He created and managed relationships at the very highest levels.
He manages every relationship in a fair way, always with love.
John managed all components of the our company relationship with our company.
His knowledge of and experience with outsource relationships and managing these relationships are superior.
His strengths lie in the relationships he quickly builds and the way he manages those relationships.
He sometimes has to manage tricky relationships and he does this well.
Though he drives to get things done, he still manages his relationships with respect and deliberation.
Apart from that he gets along with people across boundaries and excellently manages the relationship
In spite of being both in different departments, he has managed to strengthen the relationships.
His people connect and relationship management both upwards and downwards is exemplary.
His prowess for relationship management sets him apart from many of his peers.
John managed vendor relationships and sought out new partners.
As his direct manager our relationship was mutually beneficial.
John is very thorough in his relationship and opportunity management - he follows up with the customer and maintains those relationships after the engagement.
John is thoughtful in his approach to managing vendors and would do well in any capacity where relationship management is important.
We worked together to address the most pressing issue of him managing the relationship with his new manager.
He is our relationship manager for few years and doing an excellent job.
In relationship management, he has got some best ideas to learn from.
Additionally, his uncanny ability to manage and leverage on relationships, be it with the hiring manager or the candidate, is phenomenal.
His ability to manage multiple tasks, be proactive toward needs, manage relationships and expectations are exceptional.
He focuses on results and is able to effectively manage relationships between managers and vendors successfully.
He is a natural relationship manager who manages to be highly effective in every role he has held.
He did a great job managing his relationships with his employees, as well as managed the relationships among those who worked for him.
He intermingles between different verticals of the thus bringing to use the best of relationship management within and outside the organisation.
He backs this up with excellent relationship management and also in looking after the individual once they are placed.
He knows very well that how to manage things without hindering somebody's growth and balancing the relationship.
John is well balanced in his approach - he has focused on results and keeps the relationships well managed.
John excels in managing stakeholders at all levels and uses these relationships to our company advantage.
His attitude toward him was one of partnership rather than the traditional employee-manager relationship.
He is excellent in relationship management and had his reach across the hierarchy in the organisation.
He also managed him company's expectations of the relationship quite well, which can be tough to do.
His management and the relationship he built between us and the agency were effective and brilliant.
He managed this method and was very diligent in his pursuit to leverage these relationships.
He faced some challenging stakeholders and he had the right instincts to manage the relationship.
John provided the right level of relationship management to the company and to key stakeholders.
John comes across as a genuine individual with just the right approach to managing relationships.
Clients have always praised his efforts and resulted in the growth of the relationship being managed.
He manages to do so by being focused and by fostering good relationship with other disciplines.
He also had good relationships with all our hiring managers, who are very difficult to please.
Never has he let him down in expectation setting, relationship management, and profit making.
John's relationship with his employees is a positive example for all managers to follow.
John makes friends easily and manages his relationships well without letting them get complex.
Him ability to manage complex relationship among different stakeholders is also remarkable.
He managed all of our relationships in a very straightforward manner, and with great candor.
John manages relationships seamlessly up, across, and down the organizational structure.