Relaxed Performance Review Phrases Examples

Relaxed Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John someone who allows you to relax once you know he is on the job.
John is so relaxed that it was easy for him to be relaxed too.
John went out of his way to help in any way he could, he also knew how to have a joke with us and make us relax.
Serious when the our company comes but can be very relaxed and candid when it relax our company.
John has a very relaxed way about him, yet he knows how and when to be forceful.
He makes working with him relaxed and always makes everyone around him laugh.
However, he also knows when it is our company to relax and take in his surroundings.
He's never too serious, and that makes the our company even more fun and relaxing.
This allows him to be better prepared and more relaxed for those interviews.
He is great on the shoot, relaxed and unfazed that made us all relax.
John is one of the people that make him relax when he's on the job.
Him relaxed body language, makes you relax and willing to reflect.
He's relaxed but determined to do the best he can for his clients.
John is someone who is always focused and relaxed under pressure.
He is very relaxed and always willing to help ease the situation.
He is always relaxed and looking for things to lighten the mood.
He is very professional and makes you feel welcome and relaxed.
After giving any responsibility to him you can actually relax.
And he does all this while staying both relaxed and likeable.
If he's on your project, consider yourself lucky - and relax.
Our company should relax if you have given your requirement to John.