Release Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Release Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

At the end of each release, he always managed to land us safely at our next and better destination.
He then moved into release management and was very successful in his new role.
Always willing to try his hand at anything to get the right results as well him strength in release management.
He successfully managed multiple release, earned respect and got appreciation from all levels of management.
He managed all aspects of the releases and ensure they were delivered on-time.
He managed multiple releases at any given time and always juggled successfully.
John did help him to ramp up quickly in his role as a release manager.
He managed his priorities very well and met the release target dates.
In the early days, he managed premiere releases of our movies.
Our company, John saw a need for someone to manage releases and took the initiative to take on this task.
He also handled all changes to this application and managed the quarterly releases as well as emergency releases in between.
Each release, he chipped away at the inefficiencies, while still managing to regularly release the software.
During our company he has been a people manager, release manager, and scrum master.
He managed the team to go over so many releases with fast-paced release cycles successfully.
He succeeded in introducing the concepts of change management, release management, transition and data management of the organisation.
He excels in configuration management, release management, and change control.
He managed several teams and their backlogs delivering value to the customers, release after release.
In is current position he has been doing an excellent job in back up and release management.
John did a great job with managing all our releases and hotfixes.
John managed to successfully deliver a complex release, managing several platforms and vendors at the same time.